Sunday, 7 February 2016

Passive Income

Money Mastery Course in August 1998 stays fresh in my mind. 17 years ago. Wow.

I was a fresh graduate then, and needed to learn concept of money, investment and correct my "lack of" relationship with money. Freshly-minted off law school with the ink on my scroll barely dried. I thought: why not? Learn a new skill, right?

It was from intensive 3D/2N boot camp where I met financial mentors, investment angels and learnt to network. I am sure if I were to attend another session, I will gain differently fhis time.

Perhaps I felt confident in my early twenties to brace the workforce and was offered an attractive position in an oil and gas MNC. I practiced what I learnt: Money from salary is to be budgeted - paying self first via savings both statutorily and self-imposed. There were months when I totally fell off my savings route due un-budgeted purchases (big boo boo!), which yuppie had not, right?

When I was behaving, I scouted for investment options with mutual funds to spread my risk. It was a quarterly auto-invest mechanism with Public Mutual Fund and EPF so I was happy to chug along without having to keep an eye on the Bursa closely. I now no longer keep this due to syariah compliance issues but can actually choose a syariah-compliant fund if I so wish.

During the same period, I was advised to commence my health insurance which at that young and healthy state gave great coverage at fairly low premium. This was on top of the great coverage already given by the oil and gas MNC. No regrets, because when I eventually switched MNCs, I kept my own policies intact. They came in very handy!

Something I wished I could sustain was of course passive income from multiple sources. This is where I failed previously. 

The fabulous career at oil and gas MNC got too comfortable. I was in my comfort zone and spent so much time working and traveling the world that I overlooked my multiple sources of passive income. 

I dabbled with Neways for a very short period. The bonus and reward system was complex and it was hard to share information with peers at that time because they were still in universities all over the world. Excuses, right? If I really wanted to, I could have, right?

Then I met some wonderful top achievers  in Amway who kept fishing me but there were moratorium clauses in my employment contract which I had to honour. The rah-rah parties got on my nerves too, no offence. 

I wanted to invest in a student flat to be rented out, but the desire for some frivolous designer bags and shoes got the better of me. I was that annoying "Gucci-rich, investment-poor" pitiful lady in her 20s *smacks self* please do not repeat this mistake, learn from mine!


Here we are. 

Not too bad shape BUT I can do so much more to be a good example to my children. 

They see how keen I am on now on the Naturally Plus business because it is that jigsaw piece that completes my search for passive income puzzle. Going around sharing the benefits of hydrogen water and carotenoids sit so well with me and my circle of friends because we all aim to be healthy and happy anyways. 

My children and husband get to spend the same amount of quality time with me, still. I work for and pray I will be granted a comfortable amount of passive income so that we can achieve more as a family: be it our sedekah, zakat or simply an extra fabulous family holiday destination of choice.

Financial freedom, is liberating. Indeed, when Allah swt blesses us with more, we can raise our standard of giving. 

Now, I get it. 


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