Sunday, 13 December 2015

Better Late Than Never

Someone successful in her own rights asked me why I took the plunge into Naturally Plus business.

I do not know if you recall my search for equilibrium last December?

While Mamapumpkin and a few other ladies "jumped" onto the Naturally Plus wagon, I struggled with my own challenges and research materials on Izumio.  Kangen water, was one of them. The huge differences between alkaline and hydrogen-infused water were all new to me. I was not a Pure Science student before. Naturally, it took me longer to learn and understand the science of healing using hydrogen.

Sure, you can dismiss that by saying I should put in MORE effort.

Then there is Super Lutein and understanding nutrition studies together with how it works to fight 1001 illnesses. Again, it was a steep learning curve. I do well on some days, but sometimes never quite find the opportunity to regain momentum of what I have read, or recall them with precise usefulness. I told myself I had better be ready to explain properly if I were approaching people with health issues. 

Again, you can dismiss that by saying I should put in MORE discipline.

The MLM Left Leg, Right Leg structure. The trust in up-line to assist build the network. I have seen how some other groups of people fail in this aspect. The sky high promise. Then utter disappointment with no delivery whatsoever. Lip service only. Sale with no follow-up. Sales target without product training and team motivation. Everything that gives MLM a bad name, surfaced in my nightmare. For one whole year.

How do you then convince me to do something I would only happily do if there is sincerity and integrity?

Because I am "cautious", by nature. "Slow", if you will.
Because I get caught up by life and chores, duties and responsibilities.
Because Girl started The Big School in January 2015.
Because Bean started The Playschool in February 2015.
Because I was still grieving the passing of Mama Elena, and learning all the lessons that came from that beautiful but short encounter.
Because I was still coming to terms with palliative care, unconditional love and human emotions.
Because I was deciding whether or not I should take up 50% stake in a full time legal practice.
Because I was still fending off some crazy personalities, who brought equally crazy implications and consequences. 
Because I was struggling to fast in Ramadhan, without weaning Bean.
Because I tried so hard to memorise parts of solat which baffles me until today and only Allah swt can help me get closer to Him and perfect my act of worship.

Because I do take time to decide on matters. Especially one where lives and wellbeing of others depend on it.

See how this entire post is about me, me, me? Shame on me.

It is now December 2015. My health took a dip. That changed my perspective. Still about me, shame on me.

Coming back to the Naturally Plus business.

I have tried the products and honestly, they have helped me recover. They are helping to build better immunity for my growing family and what could be better than sharing health with loved ones? 

If the passive income can be channeled towards fortifying my family, increase my provision for charity, and help other women in my life achieve their personal goals ~ these are good enough reasons for me.

See how the focus is beginning to shift to those around me?

My lovelies, take your time. I understand if you have your insecurities and personal obstacles. Try the products to improve your health, review the product quality, fix or reboot your heath and of those you love. Ask yourself if you prefer to spend about RM5k per annum on nutrition or RM500k on medical bills. When you are ready, I am here

1. The Other Half has been very supportive when it comes to deliveries and pick-up of goods both directly and indirectly. The load is indeed halved when shared. Thank you!

2. Drama Queen and Mamapumpkin really do help build my network and knowledge. It is not bluff and fluff! Thank you! 

3. My BFF does have faith in the products and business. She is on her way to achieve her health and wealth goals. Thank you!

Better late than never. No looking back. No regrets.

Let's all do this. Bismillah hirrahmah nirrahim. 


Please Whatsapp +0126017907 or email hannah(dot)zulkifli(at)gmail(dot)com for more details about Izumio and Super Lutein. Thank you.


  1. So excited to have you in our team! Health is wealth! Let's spread the love!

    1. It brings me so much joy to bring health into other families. Thank you!