Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Road To Recovery: Floaters

Eye floaters. 


I am 39 and, inshaAllah, will be 40 next year. When I woke up last Wednesday and noticed floaters in my vision, I panicked and ordered S Lutein and Izumio from Drama Queen. 

Little did I know, that was precursor to my greater reinfection of root canal misery.

Why did I panick over such a seemingly normal  condition? 

Here are my reasons:
1. My late paternal grandmother was blind between ages 85-100. Yes, she did live to a century but I doubt the best quality in her final 15 years. She refused cataracts surgery which could have saved her vision, but she is from a different era. God bless her soul.

2. My father had cataracts and wore implanted lenses in both eyes. He did not refuse the surgery, luckily! God bless his soul too.

3. I may be inheriting the genes doomed towards eye problems? I have had LASIK and enjoyed good vision without glasses since 2001. 
Naturally, I care a lot about my eyes. Although I consume a fair amount of fruits and vegetables, I am not sure if my uptake is as efficient. 

Which is why I ordered some S Lutein to reduce the floaters, hopefully maintain my eyesight for as long as possible and appreciate so much more of His Creation which I have yet to travel to. 

Drama Queen was efficient in explaining how I can consume at prevailing market rate, or sign up as a member to collect points, and even convert the points to cash by doing the business as another source of passive income. 

I thought it over (I have been thinking about it since 8 March 2014 when Girl was admitted to PCMC due to mycoplasma infection. It is the MH370 anniversary, which is why I recall it so well. If only this was not presented to me at a time of crisis by a friend of a friend who was no more than a stranger to me. Wrong time, wrong person, wrong place.
But He Has The Best Plan, agree?)

I did consume Izumio as a pre-flight flu-prevention measure just before our 2014 summer holidays in York, England. The 4 of us did not fall sick, alhamdulillah. But it was so easy to dismiss the goodness of Izumio then, because I was not on high alert. In fact, I bought my 10 packs from someone who had excess of stock (and does not believe in adding hydrogen into water, so she was happy to be rid of something she did not want or have use for, for a mere token of RM10 per packet).

When Girl started The Big School and I met Mamapumpkin during one of our school run, I asked if I could purchase 1 bottle of S Lutein and 1 box of Izumio, for emergencies, and for The Other Half to consume. Considering it was quite tough for her to carry such a heavy box etc., I did not reorder when I ran out because it was such a hassle. Life got so busy for us both that the matter was put into KIV.

So here we are. 

I have no qualms about MLM, as long as it is a legitimate organisation with proper AJL License and credible system. As long as the products are natural and halal. As long as the team believes in growing together for better future of every single member. As long as residual source of income is not some fly-by-night scheme. And as long as I do not have to attend rah rah motivation parties (ha, I really detest being conned into such gatherings!).

After all, I could really use my previous job experience as Key Account Manager of a successful product line that is being supplied to Amway. Having been on the other side of the fence, gives me a different perspective. Having met many rags to riches personalities, motivates me.

All those years listening to Robert Kiyosaki, KC See, Robert F Schuller, and other motivational speakers and have mentors for MSI (Multiple Sources of Income) via Money Mastery Course after my graduation before my first job, may finally be put to good use?

What have I got to lose? 

I already have a stable job. It is steady stream of sustenance income for doing a few hours of professional documentation and legal advice from home with flexible hours. Truly acknowledge His Great Blessings, alhamdulillah for this opportunity.

Besides, I have the chance to serve Him in a charitable trust for education, for which I am eternally thankful for. The trust committee members have the chance to fix the dunia for the beneficiaries under the trust. The trust beneficiaries have the chance to fix our akhirah. I have witnessed how education and better access to opportunities can change families and communities, which is so humbling. How can I deny His Mercy, Love and Blessings? SubhanAllah.

The Other Half and I are presented again with this option. Again. And again.  We are given the opportunity to fix the health and wellbeing of people we know and, inshaAllah, will come to know, while they fix our akhirah. Isn't that more than just benefits of MSI? 

When our income increases, do not just raise our standard of living but raise our standard of giving. Such a beautiful reminder from a fellow Muslim. MashaAllah!

As usual, we like to make informed decisions and stay committed to our missions. I have discussed with The Other Half and we both are sleeping over it. Third time lucky presenter? Set our niyah clearly so we know what we are in for?

Will we, will we not do the Naturally Plus S Lutein and Izumio business? 

Let's pray over it!


Please Whatsapp +0126017907 or email hannah(dot)zulkifli(at)gmail(dot)com for more details about Izumio and Super Lutein. Thank you.


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