Monday, 14 December 2015

Road To Recovery: Scalp and Hair

I have been wearing head scarves for about 6+ years now and I am always in search of scalp and hair care products that are gentle.

Whoever thinks a person who wears the headscarf has no care for good scalp and hair, is  usually wrong. I, at least, care about how I look like without my headscarf on, when in the company of my mahram. Looking at the number of muslimah spas mushrooming all over Shah Alam is good enough evidence that other muslimahs do care plenty about their wellbeing *so proud of them!*

Daily wash and condition. Pat dry my scalp followed by blowing using ionised hair dryer on low heat to keep it all clean. Checked. 

Eat clean food to maintain healthy scalp and hair. Checked.

Drink lots of water. Checked.

And still, perhaps due to hormonal changes, my hair drops onto the floor (the fact that it is long hair makes it look that much more dramatic) and easily clog up the drainer in our shower. 

Kao Magic Mop takes care of picking up all my hair from the floor at home, and a routine clean up of the shower area easily maintains unclogged drainage. That's just addressing the consequence, how true.

I should address the root cause? Pun intended.

Dry ends indicate that I was dehydrated when hair follicles were growing out. Luckily for me, my hair is almost never exposed to direct sunlight so it is protected somewhat from UV rays.

Here is the irritating part: Occasional acne or two would sometimes grow on my scalp. This started in end 2012 when I conceived Bean. How painful!

I had hoped it would end after my pregnancy with Bean. Instead, it lingered. Took time to heal. Almost too long as it has been 2.5 years since I delivered Bean!

How did the pimples first come about? Was it purely pregnancy hormones? 
Why haven't they healed?

My guess is this: Underneath my inner, during hot and humid school run, I sweat just like everybody else. I have to keep my inner on, until I get home. 

Once I had arrived home, ideally, I should be able to take a full shower and wash off the accumulated sweat and oil, right? 

Hah! The reality is I have to care for the 2 little ones with their snack, shower, homework, cook dinner, and 1001 other fun tedious bits of raising a young family.

So it all piles on and on onto my scalp till I get to the shower quite many hours since the aggravation of heat and sweat.

Maybe all my green juice, fruits and vegetables intake is not equal to my uptake. Oh, dear! Also, how much can I juice and eat organically without breaking the bank? There is not enough stomach realty to store the required fibre! Bloatiness from eating so much fruits and vegetables is my concern too.

No good. No good.

No wonder I was losing some of my crowning glory and getting an acne or two!


One of the furthest thing on my mind when I started consuming Izumio and S Lutein is healing those acne on my scalp and reducing hair loss. 

Let's be honest, I was in it to heal my BFF and her 14 years worth of RA and my early RA symptoms but it momentarily moved down the priority scale thanks to a reinfected root canal. 

Call me crazy, but I wanted to sign up because it would help my BFF with her RA of 14 years and hopefully liberate her financially. Everything else was, secondary. A bonus.

The beauty of these wonderful healing and nourishing products is that it works in our bodies in toto. Holistic and targets every single cell. Cell by cell, imagine that.

It has healed many others from cancer to diabetes. Imagine what it is doing for me, overall?

One of the good side effects now is that my scalp is less itchy and the recurring acne spots are healing up. There was a few days of healing crisis when the skin around the acne scars flaked, without itch.  The flakes have, thankfully, gone away for now. 

As my scalp is now less irritating, I can look forward to school run next January 2016; wearing my headscarf with inner on in the heat, with less discomfort. 

There is also noticeable decrease of hair loss in the past two weeks. I know because the volume picked up by Kao Magic Mop is much less, the after-shower clog is reduced and  I am plain happy. That means more hair on my head, but I cannot show you since it is all tucked into a ponytail or French chignon under my Bokitta. Hehe.

Syukur alhamdulillah!

How do you nourish your scalp and hair? Please do share!


Please Whatsapp +0126017907 or email hannah(dot)zulkifli(at)gmail(dot)com for more details about Izumio and Super Lutein. Thank you.


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