Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Road To Recovery: Wellness Update

It has been two weeks now since I took S Lutein on daily basis. My dosage is now 3 capsules daily, with 1 packet of 200ml Izumio.

Honestly, I feel ready for my endodontic follow-up appointment scheduled for tomorrow. Being mentally prepared, whilst not feeling the awful referred pain, cheers me up.

Floaters in my vision have reduced slightly but I still see some especially in the morning. This will take some time, I suppose. Baby steps.

My lips are now much less dry, with the eczema flaking greatly reduced. There is no more itch, which is so comfortable throughout the day. I still gently scrub the dead skin off after shower but the thick, hard, crusty skin is gone. The best part? My natural pink hue has returned and I never felt prettier! Plumper, hydrated, pink lips. Yay!

Night time thirst (I am still breastfeeding Bean) is slightly more manageable now. I am still thirsty, which is a sign that I need to replenish my body water content to produce more breastmilk for Bean, so I drink water still. 750 ml as per my usual bottle every night. This is not a lot, when breastfeeding. 

What has gone missing though, is oral dryness. I am so happy to not feel that uncomfortable sandpaper in my mouth at 2am and 5am! Parched throat is also a thing of the past.

My real bonus? My first painless/cramp-free menstruation. If you have always suffered from one like me, ask me more at because I am so excited over this great blessing. It is too public to share here, haha. 

So far, my road to recovery is plain awesome, alhamdulillah. With prayers and the right nutrition, I am getting there, inshaAllah. 


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