Monday, 7 March 2016

Work From Home

I have been meaning to blog about this subject for some time now.

However, truth of the matter is that I am too busy working (be it personal or professional projects) to be writing my anecdotes down. 

Honestly, I so miss writing to offload little details in life!

~back to work now, to be continued~

Those who think my Naturally Plus business is my core income, is yet to be accurate. I wish and work for it to be true. Thank you for your kind du'a!

My current income still primarily come from my company secretarial/legal advice employment. It is something I will continue doing even after my Naturally Plus pay cheque sum is larger than this salary because this remains my network and professional skills. I will always be thankful for this job because it helped me back on my feet after turning SAHM. The little indulgences, the big purchases, the EPF, the annual bonus - all so worth it!

My second job is a voluntary and charitable position to support underprivileged students in Balik Pulau, Penang. It is a family social responsibility project and also something I will not give up because it feeds my soul.

Thirdly, Naturally Plus is my recent passion after I have experienced the benefits of consuming Izumio hydrogenated water and Super Lutein supplements. Those of you who have been reading and following my journey on these improvements of quality of life products will know. My income is steadily streaming in and whilst it is still in the low end of four digits, it is something useful to me because I have been able to bless others with it. Someday, inshaAllah, it will surpass my current take home pay from my job. It may even surpass the last fat pay cheque I took from Petronas, inshaAllah. What is liberating is knowing that the products work to care for my family, friends and I - and I am being rewarded monetarily to pursue my dreams, charities and passion.

If you are sitting on the fence whether or not to call or email me, hesitate no more. I don't bite. I don't sell. Email or WhatsApp me at +60126017907. It may just change your quality of life too, inshaAllah.


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