Sunday, 8 May 2016

Lip Eczema

This is my vain post. If you are as vain as I am and want to remain low profile, you can email me at or Whatsapp me at 0126017907.

I have been suffering from lip eczema and sought to treat it naturally with Izumio and Super Lutein.

Cracked, peeling and itching lips. It was a torture to smile sometimes! 

One fine day, someone with a kind heart asked me to reassess my toothpaste and so I have changed to a mostly natural ingredient toothpaste with encouraging results. You can read the product label to look for its composition. 

After a few weeks, there is noticeably less cracks, lighter peeling and almost no itch now. I am also trying out samples from Buds now.

Nasties-free toothpaste, consistent Izumio and Super Lutein intake = marked improvements! 

How do you tackle your lip eczema? Please do share!

P/S: I am 50-50 about the internet hoax on crimp code, please do your own independent research.


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