Sunday, 13 November 2016

Sunday Routine

There is something magical about Sunday routines that I hold dear when we are not at The House.

Washing, drying and chalking canvas shoes.

Ironing all school uniform and packing bags.

Sharpening all colour pencils and replacing missing ones from the spare set. Arranging them in hues of the rainbow (OCD mummies will be high 5-ing me right now).

My simple pleasures, bliss! I know I do these still for my little ones and I will enjoy them as much as possible now before they grow to be independent.

What are your favourite things to do on Sundays? Please do share!
Thursday, 10 November 2016

Fire Station Field Visit

The Playschool has been hosting annual visit from the Jelatek fire station by sending us one of their biggest and modern fire engines. Girl used to enjoy climbing up one; and watching the rescue demo. Her personal favourite still is turning on or off the siren!

This year, Bean will be going on a field trip to the fire station as The Playschool is tweking some of the details as we grow. Since Bean is obsessed with all things built with wheels, he is really looking forward to this fun (and educational, but let's not tell him that just yet) visit. A yellow school bus AND a red fire engine. Gosh!

I wish them all a safe and enjoyable trip with no tears when it comes to home time.

How exciting!

Autumn/Winter Term coming to an end and the term exams signifies the checkpoint of what Girl has been up to at The Big School.

I only realised how much she has grown (physically) when her outfit all looked a size too small right after the Mothercare sale had ended. Which means having to pay regular prices less only 10% instead of 40-60% off during the sale! Growth spurts happen overnight when she sleeps, I can vouch that much.

Emotionally, she is going through an insecure phase where she feels I spend too much with with Bean while she is away at The Big School. I reassured her that Bean goes to Playschool too, and that I only spend the "extra hour" with him in the morning before he leaves home. This hour is also compensated during afternoon school run when I fetch Girl and it is our daily 1-1 time. We even extend this to include grocery shopping, bath, homework and dinner preparation time. Bean will then come home from his 1-1 time with The Other Half at about 5.30 pm.

Sometimes, Girl cries before bedtime because she feels like staying up a little longer but knows that if she does not get sufficient sleep, she will also feel tired and cry in the morning. In the wee hours, she had been coming in to sleep at the bottom of my bed. Imagine 4 of us on the king size bed? What a squash and a squeeze!

Kids will be kids. If she is going to feel all insecure and count the minutes and seconds she is spending with me, I better appreciate this and reciprocate with quality  and quantity of time before she outgrows this phase and choose to spend her time with her friends or a special someone in future.

For now, syukur alhamdulillah for our mother-daughter time. I shall try my best not to feel suffocated.
Monday, 31 October 2016

Clone Me

Every night, during bedtime ritual for Girl and Bean, I wish I can clone myself and be present in two places at the same time.

Bean wants me to shower him, place him into the bath tub for 10 minutes (we turn on the timer, so we know precisely when 10 minutes is up), lift him up, rinse and dry him before letting him choose his pyjamas for the night. He calls it "poh-jar-mous", in his cutest voice ever.

Concurrent to this lovely scene:

On nights when Girl wants me to accompany her to brush her teeth, wash up for the night, tuck her in after her prayers and cuddles (which happens almost every night, but of course!) - on nights when The Other Half can and will help but vehemently refused by Girl...

She cries. Loudly. In her bedroom.

Bean cries too. Loudly. In the bath tub.


Clone me. Quickly.

How do you avoid such time clashes in your nightly routine? Do you stagger bed times? I have tried and still these two cheeky rascals will somehow time it such that I wish I can be cloned.

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Happy Deepavali

Salam my lovelies,

May the Light thriumph over evil. May your muruku and jelebi be in abundant supplies. Safe travels and happy holidays!

I am having a terrible time nursing a bad flu and fever and cannot wait to be better so that I can devour crispy muruku and sweet jelebi.

Oh, I am obsessed with these two right now because I cannot have them, argh...! Let's hope the dengue bloodtest and H1N1 swabs return negative results.

***2 hours later***

Negative for dengue.
Negative for H1N1.

Syukur alhamdulillah.

A course of antibiotics for 5 days has been prescribed because bacterial infection showed up in the blood test. I am also on a "high dosage" of a few packets of Izumio with 2 capsules of Super Lutein every few hours right now to help my body recover.

Totally enjoyed those few pieces of muruku from PIL's driver's wife. Thank you, Madam Usha. It went so well with a cup of hot tea and Marnie, a Studio Ghibli final production.

Deepavali and Halloween well spent, despite the flu and fever.

Friday, 21 October 2016

I Can Never Be Who I Was Before

Silly me.

I went to search for myself to realise that I can never the person I once was. I am like the proverbial hermit crab who has outgrown her shell and need to find a bigger, shinier, stronger, better shell.

The person from 10 years ago who was single, without the Love and Mercy of Allah swt, hand-to-mouth-making-ends-meet while looking good in suits and corporate business trips, no dependents whatsover other than plants and bills and mostly spends her entire life working even when travelling.

What was I thinking?

I am so glad I came to realise this. It took me many cups of latte on my own to think straight but the harsh truth came from someone I used to know, who recently reconnected on a professional basis. "You are now a mum of 2. Not single anymore. You wear tudung now."



Thanks! I sure needed that rude slap from one of the most rude and selfish persons I have ever encountered. That aside, it is truth is I am a mum of 2. I am married and trying to make my marriage as happy as can be. I do don the headscarf, despite my dugaan of heat and sweat.

On a positive note, I am more aware of my blessings and shortcomings now. I make a conscious effort to improve myself. Stay with me and root for me.

Have a blessed Friday and weekend, my lovelies!

Monday, 17 October 2016

I Question Myself Sometimes

It saddens me that there are a few types of "charities" in Kuala Lumpur.

The Other Half and I were approached by someone who gave salam, and showed us his plastered wound and asked for money in shopping mall near home. It made us feel bad if we had not returned his salam. It made us feel bad that he was suffering from a wound (that looks a little too Halloween, if you have seen one of those before). It made us feel bad that he would suffer even more if we do not give him any donation.

The same man plies the same pitiful situation in a few malls (Suria KLCC, Avenue K and Great Eastern Mall) and we bumped into him several times on different days. Just like that, our hearts became hardened and we stopped pitying "his situation".


I guess it is the same as the many "my-spouse-is-blind" couples who give salam, sell tissue papers and hover around mamak stalls and open air eateries in Bangsar and Damansara Utama. Over the years, I learnt not to fall foolishly into such business schemes.


Recently, it hit close to home. Someone I have been assisting "got found out". His Revelations were timely and accurate. Just like that, I told myself to stop. It is no use giving fish to someone whom I had already taught to fish but refuses to fish for him/herself.

Syukur alhamdulillah for His Revelations and Signs. I "halalkan" everything given before, of course. I just will not continue being bullied and used, that's all. Thank you so much for the lessons.


Do you question yourself too?