Saturday, 9 September 2017

Commencement of Autumn Term 2017/18

Salam my lovelies,

The major milestone is that Bean is now in The Big School with Girl!

During the long summer break, we went on holidays (it was so good to saturate ourselves with Vitamin Sea and nature) and came home with ample time to prepare for school to commence. We waited for the class promotion and book list. As soon as they were published, we bought the books, labelled and had them all wrapped just before the Big School reopened. This year, the IT Department messed up Girl's Student ID and caused some delay to rectify.

Summer break had been productive. I even managed to get a slot for the second part of my reconstructive surgery in late August and recovered well enough to be able to stand upright for Orientation Day and Commencement without getting too tired. I did get edema from all that but after putting my feet up for a couple of days, it resolved itself. I believe my secret is magnesium in my  organic hot chocolate drink and massage with Frankincense essential oil. It was a shame to have edema and postpone the school mums' luncheon though. We were all so psyched for it but alas. A better slot next week, hurrah!!

The kids have settled into their respective classes, both parent support group chats are buzzing hot again and syukur alhamdulillah for this smooth transition. I could not have asked for a better summer and this wonderful start for Bean, especially.

May the very best of school years come to both Girl and Bean. Aamiin.
Monday, 24 July 2017

Incident Reports

The Playschool where Bean is at, gives us an Incident Report whenever there is one.

Girl, when she was enrolled there, had all but 2 pieces of such reports. The first piece was for running into her classmate at the playground and crashing head on; and the second piece was for grazing her shoulder at the corner of the bookshelf at Mandarin class.

Two. Over period of 2.5 years.

Now let's compare this (hahaha, do not go all crazy and lecture me about comparing my kids because this is just about the only entry where I will!).

Bean gets 2 reports per week, on average. He has been there for 2 years now. Can you imagine how thick his file is just on this subject alone?

Reading his Incident Report file will tell you how boisterous, active, reckless and tough he is. I interpret them as how curious, strong, smart and creative he is. He gets into those little mishaps because he wants to achieve more, reach higher, run faster and basically just outdo himself. Like all the time.

I am so proud of Bean for being true to himself. Alhamdulillah no major accidents so far and may there never be.

Carry on, Bean! Be your happy self!!

I know this will not last forever. He is going to join Girl at The Big School come January 2018. He has been doing his weekly visits to The Big School every Friday. His routine is to check his future class by peeping at the door but not enter, then walk to the Link Bridge Cafe or play with his Dr. Panda games on iPad while we wait for Girl to be dismissed from class.

An end to Bean's Playschool era is going to a huge milestone. It is all too soon.

Report Card Day

Girl had her Report Card Day last 17 July 2017.

I first saw a friend from our Patient Support Group off to the Operating Room at 8 am before picking Girl up from home. Coincidentally, Girl and this patient shares the same first name. I then dropped Girl off with The Other Half after the Report Card Day meeting and went back to Prince Court Medical Centre just in time to greet my friend after her surgery and stayed with her until her son arrived in the afternoon. It was an efficient time sandwich!

Coming back to the subject matter, Girl's personal tutor is not her subject teacher so I guess there was not much to "report" other than reviewing the academic year that has been. She did well overall, and her weakest subject is Malay Foreign Language (Advanced Level) where grammar rules. Vocabulary-wise, she is at par with her peers. I know her position, average in class and details of her marks for all subjects as they are available online. However, I miss the feeling of having a physical Report Card.

She is going to be promoted to Year 3 this September, my goodness. She really has grown (shopping for bigger shoes is the norm!). She is active and has little stage fright. We are all very proud of her.

Much to my delight, she is now an agreeable shopping mate at boutiques with no embarrassing reviews spewed out loud. Her favourite activities with me include typical 7 year old girlie activities like going to juice or coffee places, sharing meals, browsing at bookshops, movies, sewing classes, piano classes and attending her friends' birthday parties.

She also spends a lot of time with The Other Half, mostly at parks, playgrounds, pools and scootering or cycling. They usually do these on Sunday mornings while Bean is still asleep. The most endearing thing they recently did got me in tears. She obediently took lessons from The Other Half for solat maghrib. She wore her light blue Japanese cotton floral telekung, and she was all bundled up during sujud.  It was a fleeting beautiful moment - the moment I held ice in my hands. InshaAllah, a young Muslimah in the making, step by step.

I pray she will continue to do well in all areas of her life and be the solehah young lady. Aamiin.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Reception Anniversary

I last wore lash extensions 8 years ago? Wow. Time flies. I am going to make an effort to dress and behave better this year. InshaAllah, solat too. I am a real piece of work-in-progress. Wish me luck and strength to make marriage happier and easier. Onward to bliss!
Sunday, 16 July 2017

Niqah Anniversary

8 years of marriage. Syukur alhamdulillah. May Allah swt protect us forevermore. Amin.
Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Girl and Bean

I have not been updating about them for a while.

Girl is having her Term 3 final exams for Year 2 and progressing to Year 3 this Autumn. She won a gold medal for sports carnival at school together with her other Harimau House team mates. She even sang in a trio on Appreciation Day on stage. I find this commendable as it was a super short window to rehearse, perform and overcome her stage fright. I had tears in my eyes as I sang along with her from the front row of audience that 16 May 2017. The song is Better Place by Rachel Platten, you can watch it on YouTube. The lyrics get me every single time. I cannot believe she can now play the piano fluently (bravo me for not allowing her to quit!) and sew neatly (bravo her for having such talent and patience!). Alhamdulillah, she is becoming a better version of herself and inshaAllah grow up to be a good Muslimah.

Bean is turning 4 this month and his love for animated movies, Cars, Ninjago, Minions, storybooks and languages amazes me. The sporty, active and often sweaty boy is my Bean alright. His favourite treats during school run at The Big School include chocolate chip cookies, frozen yoghurt and iced Milo. Boo me for giving in to his sweet tooth. He zaps the TouchNGo card as if the balance will never hit zero. Not one to sit still, or keep quiet - as Drama Queen can probably attest by now. I am planning to enrol him into The Big School just to ease the school run schedule so we shall see if he is ready for pre-Reception this Autumn (or if The Big School will accept him since he does not read, write or count independently yet). He sings, sits down for many stories and chats - so I hope those skills are acceptable. Of course, my prayer for his is that he becomes a good Muslim man someday.

They have both been eating well and still fight like cats and dogs over me. Yes, me! Well, also over particular toy they happen to not want to share - just like 1001 other children do. Girl is somewhat more tolerant and gives in a lot but there are just days when you know she guards her territories like a fort. Bean is strong for his age so I am glad they have not really hurt one another.

The days are long; and the years will seem short.

I just pray I can be that healthy and happy mother to see them through these and more, inshaAllah. They have taught me unconditional love and I love them for who they are.
Monday, 12 June 2017

Intramuscular Lipoma

No, this is not WebMD. This is an account of what happened to The Other Half.

On 3 June 2017, I had 2 moles surgically excised and they were sent to Pantai Hospital for biopsy. Run of the mill, we can safely expect "benign" in the report. Done and dusted, right?

On 4 June 2017, at bedtime, The Other Half informed me he has this lump on his left side back of head that has been causing him not to be able to sleep comfortably on that side. It was covered with hair and was not obvious unless we touched it.

Once the kids were dropped off at school on 5 June 2017, we met at Prince Court. The Other Half was sent to primary care physician at ER first, who then referred him to Radiology Department for an ultrasound.

The results came back as intramuscular lipoma. We saw the sac, with its pulsating blood supply. It was 0.7cm x 2.7 cm. 

The primary care physician then referred The Other Half to a dermatologist.We felt something was amiss and immediately contacted a specialist surgeon friend of mine.

True enough.

A dermatologist would not have been able to resolve the issue.

A flurry of text messages were exchanged as my friends was on a short family vacation. The Other Half went to see his nurse on duty and they both managed to book an operating slot for lipectomy for 9 June 2017, right after a surgery by the same specialist surgeon for another friend of mine from our little Patient Support Group. It was going to be an all day affair and an overnight stay for us.

The kids were sent to The House after school on 8 June 2017, to be looked after by The Grandparents. They both skipped school on 9 June 2017.

The lipectomy went as planned without drama. I was blessed to be able to support both my friend and my husband in the same hospital on the same day. Both postoperative reviews that evening were satisfactory and follow-up before discharge reviews were also good. I was really grateful to my friend for doing such a marvellous job too!

The Other Half recovered well, he stayed alert and was not nauseous after the GA. We particularly enjoyed the Junior Suite as opposed to a single standard ward which I used to book into. The extra space somehow alleviated our stress. We watched CNN and followed the news of UK2017 General Elections in the living room. I had my own little bedroom and ensuite bathroom. Ward 5H nurses were kind and caring at all hours.

Numbness at the top of his head where the lipoma was pressing on an artery is now no longer an issue. He was discharged on 10 June 2017, the kids were sent home to The Flat by The Grandparents just before dinner time and life as we knew it - resumed.

Syukur alhamdulillah

Biopsy results will be out later this week. InshaAllah, we are praying for good results.

P/S: Benign, alhamdulillah! Thank you for all your prayers.