Monday, 25 April 2016

Mini Weekend Break

We broke convention by skipping Yamaha JMC class last Saturday. 

For the record, this is the first time we packed for a holiday without paracetamol, syringe and thermometer...just Izumio hydrogen water and Super Lutein! 

The haze in KL was back so we were prepared for possibilities of irritated eyes, itchy skin and fever. Syukur alhamdulillah Izumio and Super Lutein kept us all in good shape. 

Our weekend started during home time on Friday, got Girl changed into comfortable traveling clothes at school area and we gladly drove out of the haze blanket to Lost World Tambun in Ipoh, Perak. The air quality was not perfect but it was better than KL.

We wanted the pit stop to be an overnight stay for Girl to finish her homework, and not make Bean suffer too long watching movies on iPad during the long journey.

And she did complete her homework. Syukur alhamdulillah.

Our family suite was roomy, echo-ey, and came with Ipoh White Coffee 3-in-1 sachets! There was no room service, and the kids were devastated because they love the food cart (don't look at me judgingly, haha!). Next time when they are bigger, we may consider taking them to the waterpark. This is highly unlikely because we try to be in for the night by Maghrib...but never say never, right? Our dinner at PapaRich tasted like microwaved instant food which we resolve to avoid in future. Food snobs need clean food, for our own good!

On Saturday, we left soon after breakfast for Penang. We had a quick farewell lunch with a former school mate of mine (she is migrating Down Under) at Juru AutoCity, then off to our little slice of weekend paradise at Golden Sands, Penang.

The Cool Lounge check-in provided top notch service and we were really pleased with the welcome drink and balloons. As soon as we were assigned a room, we changed the kids into their swim suits.

Bean kept asserting (loudly) that he can swim like a fish and honestly sounded so cute only to me. I am sure the rest of world did not agree with me because he actually stomped like a dinosaur in the wading pool. 

Whenever he seconded a brilliant suggestion from Girl, he excitedly said, "That's a great idea!"

Like a pair of squirrels, they happily went hunting and gathering for these "baby coconuts". 

By 5pm, one of my girlfriends and her family arrived for a swim playdate and buffet dinner at Spice Market. Our friendship since 1983 now extends to our respective husbands and children, priceless indeed. So blessed we are to still have this bond.

By 7:37 pm, Girl announced she was going to leave to watch the sunset and stars come out to play. We eventually left at 8pm after her endless pestering. 

How do I recall such specific time? 
It was her Smiggle watch that told her the time every time she pressed it.

Gosh, she was adamant to count stars. SubhanAllah, the long walk from Spice Market back to Golden Sands was decorated with twinkling stars in the vast skies. Magical moment to treasure with Girl. 

Meanwhile, Bean had taken the buggy ride back with The Other Half, which is another adventure they loved. With The Other Half still in his post-hernia surgery recovery, the buggy ride was a great idea! You can guess who had announced it loudly, right?

Sunday breakfast was crowded, we left soon after shower and packing up. Our lunch stopover at Ipoh Parade took too long so our next goal is to train the kids to eat from clean stalls at R&R.

It was a good mini break. For every little thing that went wrong, we were blessed with so many more treasures that felt right. Syukur alhamdulillah.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Shopkins, Playmobil & Smiggle

Girl was presented with Shopkins by The Grandparents sometime last year and her collection has been growing ever since. Which deserves an organiser:

This year, she could not decide between Shopkins and Playmobil so they bought her both, for her birthday present. Syukur alhamdulillah.

A few of her classmates' parents got her belated presents too and her Shopkins, Playmobil and Smiggle collection grew even bigger. Ladies, you know who you are. Thank you for being so generous!!

We personally love and have stationery crush at Smiggle since 2012. Now that there is a store at Suria KLCC, we try to practice some self-restraint and keep to budget! It is at Ramlee Mall Level 2 of Suria KLCC. 

If you are out of ideas what to present a 6 year old girl with, my bet would be either 1 of these 3, or all of them if you are feeling generous. Have fun shopping!
Friday, 15 April 2016

Energy Source

So thankful for my group of ladies who motivate and remind of me of how strong I am in midst of both minor and major trials.

So blessed to meet patients who are constantly improving their own quality of life and never giving in to the face of pain or discomfort. 

Thank you for reminding me of who I am inside and what I am really made of. 

I can take this on, InshaAllah!
Wednesday, 13 April 2016

When Shall I Say Yes

Salam, my lovelies.

I went for my annual Pap smear yesterday and instead of the usual "We will call you if there is any problem" standard goodbye line, I was told something new. And slightly shocking.

It seems that I have 2 growths that need to be addressed.

"It is not life threatening, but I prefer if you have them removed for biopsy"

I know.

I felt angry, disappointed, angry, desperate, angry, "why me?"

"Why me?" Part of faith is being patient. Accepting His tests without impatience and doubt. Obviously, it is my turn to take this test now.

Never mind, let's do this while we catch it early. You name it, I felt it.

The last 24 hours have been .... an emotional roller-coaster. I would not have been so reluctant to pick a date had it been a LA but this is "minor surgery but requires GA" and I have my reasonable concerns.

What can I say, other than console myself with "syukur Alhamdulillah we detected this early" or "better now than later".

If for some reason I am late to update this blog:
To Drama Queen, thank you for the juice and pat on the back yesterday.
To Mamapumpkin, we shall talk about this later when you are back from Japan. I have my reasons for not telling you right this moment as you already have too much on your plate.
To Stonor Mummy, we can have more vegetables juice soon and catch up properly as "sisters".
To She Loves Coffee, thank you for your du'a. We shall eat that K-lunch soon, insyaAllah.

To the stranger who reads and wishes to help the leukemia-stricken single mum with a child taking his UPSR this year, THANK YOU. You have no idea how grateful I am for your kind heart and generosity. May Allah swt bless you abundantly for your good deeds.

Right now, I know I can prepare my body for the upcoming surgery with Izumio and Super Lutein. I will try to rest as much as possible because I deserve it. I will buy that shirt or pair of shoes I fancy because it does not cost an arm and a leg. I will sign that form for gym membership because that is part of self-care.

Life is worth living (cleanly and healthily). Please do not let anyone else convince you otherwise. I am telling myself this to stay positive and undo my own negative mental shackles.

May 4th.

Yes. InshaAllah.

Lots to settle between now and then. Bismillah.

Thank you, my lovelies.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Delayed Posts

I have been blogging on the go and shall I say, truncated posts that land in the draft to never see the post button?

Too many activities ongoing, too little time. Stay with me while I sort out my little chaos and complete the courses for continuing education programmes. 

I have so many happy healing news to share! *big happy smiles*

Post chaos updates:

1. My cholesterol level of 5.6 finally dropped to 4.8 with good findings for HDL and LDL too. 3.5 months of 1 Izumio/3 capsules of Super Lutein daily. 

2. My former school-mate's ESR reading to measure her Rheumatoid Arthritis inflammation further dropped to 27 after another month of 2 Izumio with 3 capsules of Super Lutein daily. 

She first started with 1 Izumio with 3 capsules of Super Lutein in December 2015, when her ESR was 50, and dropped to 38.

Here are her records:

3. My ex-colleague managed to sort out her missing menses after 1 month of 1 Izumio with 3 capsules of Super Lutein. Her menses after the birth of her second son, breastfeeding and taking care of the family wrecked her hormones. She is one happy consumer and Naturally Plus home-business owner with passive income now!

If you are also looking to improve your state of health, wish to improve the quality of life of self, family and friends, inclined to share on social media on ways towards better health and be rewarded for your effort, please contact me at or Whatsapp +60126017907.

I promise you that this is not a get rich quick pyramid scheme but a legitimate health supplements direct selling company. Spare some time doing your own due diligence, and ask me your questions on how you can empower yourself and others. 

I am here (maybe busy, but always here!).

Friday, 8 April 2016

The Learning Curve

Last week had been full of learning opportunities for me, personally and professionally.

On Monday, I attended a course on tax planning for individuals and corporate. It was organised by SSM, available as an elective course towards my CPE. Although I am not a taxation expert after 8 hours, I am not completely blank when "tax planning" is being discussed. The speaker, Mr Vincent Josef was a former Assistant Director-General at LHDN/IRB. He delivered the materials with much credibility from his professional expertise and experience. 

Aside from that, I also learnt a few new ways to transact in my side business of improving quality of life of others for both Malaysia and Singapore regions. If you are keen on embarking on the Izumio and Super Lutein healing journey affordably, you can reach me via email at or Whatsapp +60126017907.

Have you been upping your game lately, my lovelies? Please do share how you keep yourself relevant and current in your choice of undertaking. 

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Work From Home: Support Network

Salam, my lovelies.

Seven years ago, I made the decision to quit the rat race to raise a young family. It is the craziest/bravest/stupidest decision I have ever made in my life (I must confess it is actually the best and appropriate decision given my circumstances).

We have no live-in helper. No driver.

When I was pregnant with Bean, I had Kak Saras come over on weekends to help clean The Flat. She did that for a few months until after my confinement. She used to help me out when Girl was first born too. Alas, she is too old to take on cleaning jobs now, and we have yet to find someone as trustworthy and detailed as she is. If you know of a live-out cleaning lady/housekeeper, please drop me a message. Thank you.

Recently, we also contacted a live-out helper to come in for a few hours twice weekly to help with ironing. She is a real blessing and I kick myself for not engaging her sooner! Together, she and I, we fight LaundryMonster. So far so good, Alhamdulillah.

Finally, we have a professional babysitter to watch Bean for a couple of hours when I take Girl out to her piano lessons. Ms R is someone we are familiar with as she was a former teacher at The Playschool. Bean adores her, to my huge relief! They read, watch Disney DVDs, share snacks and play when I am away.

Whilst we can and want to do everything ourselves, sometimes, we just need an extra pair of hands. With a spouse recovering from surgery, and my having 3 work-from-home jobs (other than being a full-time mum and wife), I feel this is a wise move and better employment of time/skills/energy.

If you have more coping tips, please do share!