Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Hot, Hot, Hot!

I met one of my former classmates today over breakfast and spent some quality catch up time. I must add that Gamuda Walk has a nice out of city peace to it before 10 am.

I especially like this selfie of us. It encapsulates the special bond of friendship that has stood the test of time and tribulations. 9-17 years old, troublesome twenties, raging thirties and now settling into our magic 40. Here's to friendship - Amin.

On another note:

Sweltering heat of late. 37C at 3pm during school run has really gotten to me. I konked out earlier this evening, and woke up a few hours later to find that Girl had gone to bed and had completed her homework under supervision by The Other Half. Syukur alhamdulillah for supportive spouse during KO times.

Toodles now while I go back to sleep and look forward to another busy Thursday and 3 special dates! 
Monday, 25 January 2016

Homework Momster

Great. Just great.

We have the long Thaipusam weekend and the teachers at The Big School very kindly issued minimum level of homework since the students have only had a week of schooling. 

One of the pieces of work (Geography) is the making of a copy of make-believe passport. Girl has been unmotivated of late, not quite finding her mojo for back to school and whiny. Last night, she refused to do any work until 11 pm and kept complaining about her mitochondrial cell battery only having 4% left, much to draw the irk of both her tired and irritated parents. 

She has learned up her mitochondrial cell and how hydrogen can heal patients, she scares even me!

So. Homework. Procrastination. Original stalling methods.

This has resulted in her passport still not issued. Like a very inefficient Customs Office back in the 1980s. Remember those?

Yeah. Girl and I are not on "friendly" terms today. I told her I would like have the passport issued by tonight. Or else she will have The Other Half taking her to school and back, for one whole week. 

I know. It does sound like a threat. I do carry out those threats and she has learnt her lessons many times this way before when it comes to homework and spelling or dictation. Not the best parenting style in my books too *insert Mummy guilt here*

In the end, all she did was sign her name on the passport I helped to "produce" using resources for homeschooling children.

Girl 1: Hamsphire Mummy 0

What's new, right? Sigh.

Please do share your tips on getting your 5 year olds to complete a very simple piece of work. Thank you!

Monday, 18 January 2016

New Year, New Routine

Salam my lovelies!

Since Girl has returned to The Big School at its original campus, my morning drive route is getting more pleasant without the unreasonably crazy congestion where the surrogate campus is. It is amazing how many chores, errands and meetings can be completed this week simply because of strategic location.

We usually leave home at 7.15am for drop off by 8am. Pick up is in the afternoon (37C!) 8 hours later. It is hard to imagine she is away on weekdays for that long. When CCA resumes next week, it will be an extra hour away and I am not quite sure if she is ready for it. Maybe it is a good indicator of location for house hunting?

As all things new (the campus), there are teething pains. Reckless and selfish employed drivers appear abundantly. On the bright side, the law-abiding ones outnumber the few bad sheep. 

The dust has yet to settle at The Big School; and I am waiting to get the green light to bring an air purifier to be plugged in at Girl's classroom. 

On the other hand, The Other Half and I are having a mild flu. With proper hydration and nutrition, we are confident to allow our bodies heal naturally without medication. It is true what they say after all - drink lots of water and take a good rest. 

Have a blessed and restful long weekend, my lovelies!

Back To School

The long-awaited day for Girl to go back to school is finally here. It has been a while. 

May she discover and learn many new useful things, form strong friendship with her classmates and enjoy schooling life.

May she also learn to eat some spicy food, change without dropping her swim towel onto the wet floor and not be harmed by anyone. 

Friday, 15 January 2016

BeansTalk: I Want To Say Sorry, Mummy

How are you, my lovelies?

I was stung by the busy bee this week. Syukur alhamdulillah, a lot of work got done. Spent sufficient time with Girl and Bean individually. Spent sufficient time alone with The Other Half. 

Bean got into a tantrum at Playschool and I had to pick him up. A very much anticipated lunch-date yesterday had to be postponed (ouch!). He then came home and created more havoc for himself. One stuck head in the IKEA toy kitchen and a cut lip later, he went to bed exhausted. 

Oh, Bean!

Today, he had a good soak and water play in our bath tub. Then he did the incredible and unbelievable. 

He pooped. 

Into his bath water!

Well, now I know his diet and gut all score very high marks in the poop chart. Of course I cleaned every single piece of bath toy and plan to sterilise them, scrubbed and disinfected the bath tub, and explained to Bean he is NOT to poop into the bath tub.

His reply?

"Never ever again. I want to say sorry, Mummy."


Friday night is here and I am so glad the day is done. Let's have a great weekend!

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Never On A Monday

Galeri Petronas is also closed on Mondays.

We ended up visiting toy shops to browse and play, and trying out silly spectacles frames at Chameleon. 

It was fun! 

The sleepover is also the longest play date in our record, for 22 hours.

The best 22 hours play marathon, 10 of which were spent zzzZZZzzz

I think we are ready for more *giggles*

Monday, 11 January 2016


Girl is really excited this weekend. She is hosting her first ever sleepover with L.

Notice how I am writing in the present tense? Yes! It is still ongoing and will only end after tea this afternoon.

How exciting! The young ladies have had dinner, story time, supper and sleep. This morning, they woke up bright and early for the playground and hopefully a session to view the city from the Sky Bridge then on to another fun activity near home. 

Have to run now. Life is pretty full being a mum to, momentarily, 3 children! Wish me luck!!
Friday, 8 January 2016


One of my January highlights is reunions with some dear ex-classmates. Ladies I have known since we were 7-17. 

Some meet with me alone, some in a small group, some will be in a big fat wedding. Due to our busyness, it is almost always a short session between school drop off and pick up time. Swift and sweet, but the longest one is going to be at the wedding. 

The hours fly by when such good times roll along. The same chemistry, and same bond of girliness fraternity. As soon as we fill each other on our progress, it is as if we were never apart. 

Syukur alhamdulillah for such great moments and people in my life. May Allah swt keep our friendship strong on His Path. Amin.
Sunday, 3 January 2016

Which Campus?

We had lunch with The Grandparents today and one of their pet subjects came up. 

That is, whether Girl will return to her original school campus or remain at the surrogate campus. 

My simple answer? 
"I have let it go. We will know when the time comes. No CCC, no insurance, no go."

Their rebuttal? 
"But the announcement to return has been made!"

I thought, inside my head, "So what if they had. Not ready means not ready."

Instead, I said, "I won't let my kid study in a construction site, around contractors."

They understood. Oh well, we will cross the bridge when the time comes. 

I know, I have been so snappy and feeling blue lately. It is also the PMS. So far, no cramps. Which is why if I had not tracked the days I would not realise my own PMS week. The only havoc is my mood. Wish we could go away on a holiday but there is an upcoming annual full medical check-up.  

Hope my mood improves soon!

An update: We went to The Gardens and we came home so much happier - and we did not even buy anything. Syukur alhamdulillah!
Saturday, 2 January 2016


How was your new year, my lovelies? 

We ushered in the new year, at home, on our bed, curtains open, like previous years.

The fireworks this year was a little less spectacular, or maybe it was just me. With the Four Seasons stacking up fast and almost blocking our view of the park, I mentally brace myself. Perhaps, Independence Day fireworks will also be hindered.

As for now, let's appreciate what we have. Syukur alhamdulillah for this view.

Bean woke up after these few early shots  so I carried him instead of snapping photos. He was sleepy, yet excited. He did not call out the colours, just tested his head on my shoulders. Made me feel safe!

Finally, he fell asleep at 3am after the noise from sirens and crowd finally left the city. When the city finally did sleep, it was all peaceful, tranquil all around. Bless this bliss.

Girl slept through it all, lucky me!

Happy New Year, my lovelies. Wish us all a wonderful journey ahead.