Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Superb Sixth

Happy blessed sixth birthday, Girl! 

We love you to the moon and back, as you probably already know by now. May Allah swt bless you abundantly every single day of your fabulous life. Amin.
Monday, 28 March 2016

Report Card Day

Girl had her Report Card Day last Thursday. I was early and had a light breakfast on my own at Huckleberry. I bought the kids their favourite pain au chocolat as afternoon treats.

Her overall results were good (I downloaded the report the night before). Syukur alhamdulillah, I am proud of her string of As because the papers were not easy. I am Pusat Tuisyen Mama so I know she had given her best effort. In fact, I should be preparing her more worksheets for her to practice way before the exams next term.

The parts which made my heart swell with gratitude to Allah swt are the comments by her individual subject teachers. One of those moments where, as a mother, I thought, "My baby is all of those wonderful bits and positive character?!" 

I bet you had plenty of those moments before too *happy smile*

Her "poorest" subject is Malay Advanced and I, repeatedly, request for her to be moved to Malay Foreign Language class, because it is basic and easier for a beginner like Girl. Unfortunately, my request has been turned down, again. The subject teacher is confident she can push her current vocabulary to an A next term. Her grammar is fine. She just needs  more cultural immersion and hear the language being spoken/applied more often. 

"Daddy, kamu faham keperluan kita berbahasa Melayu di rumah demi anak kita?" LOL. 

That said, I hardly ever speak Mandarin to Girl and yet she does quite well compared to Malay Advanced. 

Go figure, Pusat Tuisyen Mama

Let's enjoy the staycation and hospitalmoon and hopefully we will all be super-charged for Term 3 at The Big School.

We shall gasp in unison at her joining Year 2 and doing work for Year 3 this September *wink* when September comes.
Sunday, 27 March 2016

Caring For Caregiver

The Grandparents and I are feeling the exhaustion so we each took a little break every now and then to recharge.

The garden sculpture on the road I used to call home not so long ago brought a little cheer in standstill traffic. 

A tired caregiver cannot give much joy. I was given some time off this afternoon to run errands. The list of things to do was long enough to wrap a mummy but I told myself to treat myself to something nice, for a change.

Guess what? 

I came home with new pajamas and shoes for the kids. Mothercare had a sale on! StrideRite had a clearance sale too, as they are moving out of Suria KLCC - what a shame. Even The Other Half got something new from me.


I got myself a bottle of Green Goodness from La Juiceria. So lame. I was thirsty! I was so thirsty that I did not bother to swirl the juice in my mouth that much. I just sipped it all up in record time. Not graceful, even with a straw!

The dedicated women parking space for female drivers shopping alone was awesome. I hardly get to enjoy this facility. 

I did not even glance at Chanel. I should have! 

I will work on treating myself.

I shall start with that long overdue haircut. 
Saturday, 26 March 2016

Single Parenting

Whoever is doing this single parenting task, has my total respect. I am getting help from The Grandparents to watch the kids and still I feel exhausted! 

The commute to and fro hospital that in reality is only 5 minutes away, the crazy queue at Suria KLCC, the lifts that went all wonky after the storm last night...

... I am all ready to retire for the night and welcome The Other Half home tomorrow morning! 

Thank you for the fresh flowers and fruits,  JC! Love from us all. Your valuable time spent with us is much appreciated. 

Speedy Recovery

The bilateral inguinal hernia surgery went well, syukur alhamdulillah. I drove him to Prince Court at 7.30 am for him to complete his admission papers. I left soon after he was assigned a ward to pick Bean up from my MIL who had come from The House to The Flat Upstairs to help us out during this hectic times. 

I sent Bean to Playschool and quickly returned to the ward just in time to see him wheeled off to OT. I then had a quick bite at Food Galleria, picked up some fruits and snacks for the afternoon from Isetan KLCC then drove to the Playschool for Bean.

The Other Half was put under general anesthesia and the operation took 1.5 hours. By the time I went back to Prince Court after sending Bean home after Playschool, the nurses had already transferred The Other Half to his ward! Speedy indeedy, or was I being too slow?

He was able to drink without throwing up. He ate his lunch and kept it down too. There was some dizziness when he first stood up 2 hours after surgery but that soon passed. In a nutshell, it was good because The Other Half was alert and full of energy.

By evening, the effects of general anesthesia completely wore off. Dato' Dr. Tikfu Gee prescribed some painkillers and antibiotics, as per his standard post-operation care.

The thunderstorm was so bad coupled with Friday evening gridlock at Ampang-Tun Razak; I decided to stay home and put the little ones to bed by 8pm after their entire day of fun with The Grandparents.
Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Blessed Rainfall

We have so much to thank Allah swt for today. 

Rain that cools the city down after a hot spell and Equinox.

The Other Half is going under for a bilateral inguinal hernia operation. InshaAllah all will be well. Thank you for your prayers. 

Our much-anticipated holiday is off. It is OK. Better things to come, inshaAllah. Again and again, lessons reinforced on "inshaAllah". We accept His Plan. What is not written for us will never be. Thankfully, our hearts are very calm this time. No one got any hyperventilating dramas. Yet. Girl may get one when we tell her. 

In the meantime, let's just listen to the rhythm of the falling rain and how gently it falls on the meadows. 

Syukur alhamdulillah.

Monday, 21 March 2016

BeansTalk: Do Not Focus

Bean loves his bath time and play with his bath toys in the bathtub.

He would pull my hand, happily trot to the master bathroom, and ask for the potty before shower then ask to be lifted into the tub.

Remember the time he did the one thing he was not supposed to do in the bathtub?

Well, he remembers the rules.

He tells me now every time he is about to be lifted into the bathtub in his cute toddler voice, "Do not focus!" with a serious expression on.

That is his phrase for not doing No. 2. 

I am glad he applies the golden rule *hehe*

Energy Source

So thankful for my group of ladies who motivate and remind of me of how strong I am in midst of both minor and major trials.

So blessed to meet patients who are constantly improving their own quality of life and never giving in to the face of pain or discomfort. 

Thank you for reminding me of who I am inside and what I am really made of. 

I can take this on, InshaAllah!
Sunday, 20 March 2016

Yamaha JMC Book 3

Can you believe it? She finally reached this stage. For the first time, the Book Completion Concert was held outside the classroom and in the open hall for all to enjoy.

Girl did not play perfectly but you know what? She did not cry. She fumbled but she played on. She did not criticise her friends. She clapped for all her friends sportingly.

She participated on the stage with her friends and saw how many spectators there were. She just smiled and carried on.

She did not go crazy during the after-concert snack/party. She shared her snacks without hogging all her favourites.  

For all those EQ development, she got me teary with happiness. You are a star to me, Girl. I am so proud of you. 

Caveat: You need more practice! Don't refuse when I ask you to. I am still your mother.  

Exam Results

Finally, exams are over for Term 2. There are 3 terms per annum.

Her results have been streaming in and whilst I am thankful Girl is coping with The Big School, there are some silly mistakes that remind me of how she is only 5+ years old and that I should really be looking at the big picture and not sweat the current phase.

She has a whole lifetime of exams ahead of her and my prayer is that she will continue to have a great attitude towards learning, learning from her mistakes and let her grit carry her through any difficulty. 

Mummy is proud of you, Girl. May you be more than I ever will be. Amin.

Monday, 14 March 2016

My Favourite Shop

I love to shop. 

My current favourite shop is Kaleidoscope in Publika. 

It is a multi-vendor dropship and has some of the most attractive designs (to me, of course!. Whimsical, playful, artsy, nonchalant and borderline quirky designs of little finds. Bags, shoes, throw pillows, stationery, cards, wrapping paper. I could browse in there for hours!

Well, I almost spent too much money there today - so I did what was wisest at that point of time.

I said I will think over my selection and return tomorrow.

Dang! I cannot stop thinking about those little treats now. Luckily this is not Chanel!

Good night, peeps. I have a shop shutter to stalk at 10am tomorrow *teehee*
Sunday, 13 March 2016

Easter Break

Our long-awaited break is finally arriving soon and inshaAllah this time we pray hard Allah swt will let us go on this much-needed getaway. 

Here is our itinerary:
Home to Tambun Lost World to Equatorial Penang to Disney On Ice to Golden Sands to Home. 

Please, please, please stay healthy and safe, my dear family! *making sure they all drink their Izumio hydrogen water and take their Super Lutein supplements*

As Girl would say:

"Dear Allah
We want to go on holiday. 
Friday, 11 March 2016

Piano - Extra Classes

We are at this stage where intervention is required because Girl just won't listen to me or practice when it is time to do so, at home.

Still, we must not quit!

Let the music play on. She did, with her teacher, and in fact, played so beautifully it ached my heart. Why didn't I do this earlier? Lightbulb moment there. 

Monday, 7 March 2016

Lift Me Up

Hello, my lovelies! 

Some positive thoughts to get the week started on a happy note.

1. My favourite city is Sydney, Australia. 

2. My favourite flowering plant is gardenia.

3. My favourite time of day is my me-time.

Think of your 3 favourite places/persons/things and may those positive thoughts lift you up too! 
Friday, 4 March 2016

Dental Check-up

Girl's 6-monthly dental check-up appointment was today after school. She enjoyed the detour very much! 

The appointment was prompt at 4pm, so we did not have to wait that long. 

Her dentist, Dr. Estee Tan, was a little surprised at the speckled new molar on her bottom left. Calcium deficiency is the probable cause and the return of nightly milk before sleep is here to stay until her calcium deficiency is addressed. Girl was also prescribed a dental mousse derived from milk to improve the situation. Girl chose vanilla flavour. It is fluoride free so it will be quite safe if she does not spit every single bit out after nightly rub on the surface of her newly cut bottom left molar.

The bottom right molar cut is complete now and the fissure is quite deep. It will need a fissure-sealant treatment once the bottom left molar is totally cut so it can be done simultaneously. Next 6 monthly check-up appointment may be suitable time, if not sooner.

No other baby teeth are shaky at this point so we can relax for a while longer.

Since I am not a big fan of milk source calcium for her (have to watch her eczema from cow milk protein intolerance), brocolli and other calcium-rich vegetables, nuts and seeds source of calcium will be featured more regularly in our dinner rotation menu. 

For her courage at the dentist, she was rewarded with 2 princess stickers by her lovely dentist. Thank you, Dr. Estee Tan!
Wednesday, 2 March 2016


Yamaha JMC Book 3.

School exams.

Same time!

I need a holiday *feign faint* 

Girl has been having bouts of tantrums and we suspect the recent weekend getaway has thrown her schedule off. She thrives on routine (diet, daily programme, regular sleeping time) so we will put aside all "adventures" until March is over.

She will be 6 this month and raising her has been a personal challenge to me, emotionally. I am looking up new behaviourial courses so that I can learn to cope with her milestones. 

Wish me luck!


Hello again, my lovelies!

Sorry for the long silence as I have been quite occupied lately.

Last weekend, we took a long drive from KL to Bidor, then Teluk Intan and onward to Damai Laut. My father-in-law led at first but he lost his way at The Leaning Tower of Anson. I took over leading thereon and we checked into Swiss Garden Damai Laut at Isya. Luckily our Garmin was reliable this time, syukur alhamdulillah! 

All that "hassle" for this beautiful morning by the coast.

The real reason for this weekend getaway is a traditional Malay wedding in a village, of one of our relatives. The drive to Kampung Tersusun was another 30 minutes or so away from the hotel but so worth it. My two young ones have not attended a kenduri before this; so they were experiencing cultural immersion for the first time. 

Pangkor Island was so near yet so far, time not permitting for even a drive to the jetty area. 

We came home to KL after Asar via the coastal road and now we know how to get to the Sekinchan paddy fields and Kampung Kuantan fireflies! InshaAllah, next adventure.