Wednesday, 30 July 2014

To York, To York

Journey mercies be with us, Amin! We will be back end of this August, in sha Allah. See you around, feel free to read what is in my archive and take good care.
Monday, 28 July 2014

Eid Mubarak!

29 Days of Blessed Ramadhan has sadly come to an end. May our Ibadah remain as steadfast, and our growth in iman along the Straight Path be blessed.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, may Allah swt grant you and yours journey mercies and reunions filled with overflowing joy.

In observance of Gaza, MH17 and MH370, we will not be hosting open house this year. Al-fatihah to precious lives lost. 

Have a good one moderately, nonetheless, folks. 
Thursday, 24 July 2014

Zakat Fitrah

Have you paid yours yet? 

We found a little table with one Pusat Pungutan Zakat officer at KLCC Concourse outside Uniqlo across Guardian; and settled ours.

RM7 per fasting adult. Our total was RM14 for The Other Half and I. It was my first time doing it myself a few days ago, as all previous years were settled by The Other Half. 

For my last Ramadhan zakat Fidyah, I am hoping I can do it online, and will update as soon as I know. 

Don't forget to read your niat *smiles sweetly*
Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Vacancy: Tailor

My lady business partner and I are hiring a tailor on assignment basis to sew, amongst others, children clothing and headscarves. 



At least 2 years' experience in tailoring.

Reliable, trustworthy and self-starter.

Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply, especially with fashion industry qualification.

Flexible working hours.

Working from home may be considered within Klang Valley.

Please email us your resume and expected fee or salary to 

We truly look forward to and appreciate your response. 

More Happy News

We have decided Bean will be joining other toddlers at age 23 months at The Playschool The Little Girl has been going to since she was 23 months. 

We know The Playschool is a great place to be at that age. 

We know the caregivers, teaching assistants and home room teachers are loving and trustworthy. 

We know the programme and themes are engaging and interesting. 

We know the daily timeline is conducive for having fun and learning without forcing. 

We know the fees are reasonable although it is on the high side by comparison. Retention of good teachers and administration staff, good maintenance of the infrastructure all come with reasonable price tag. At least, what we pay for is what we get and not being shortchanged. 

We know the commute and emergency response time will be within our coping range.

In hindsight, we made the right decision to start The Little Girl off at that age because she is now sociable, adapts well and is full of life, sans the first few weeks of separation anxiety!

We know this will provide a good peer play environment for Bean, socialise with his peer and basically learn while having tonnes of fun. 

The few hours when Bean is away, will be filled with working (The Other Half) and household matters (myself). Knowing us, it will be high speed productive hours before school run(s) rule the day.

So, here is more prayers that Bean will love what we have planned for him, Allah swt ultimately Decides. Amin!

Happy News

Syukur alhamdulillah I felt like a whole burden has been lifted off my shoulders this week.

This blessing came in the form of an email from The Big School addressed to The Other Half and I for The Little Girl with regards to her placement offer following the entrance examination last week.

Today, we met the Registrar and she very kindly conveyed that The Little Girl is a bright spark whom at age 4, scored 100% in her science paper. English is not a problem paper as it is our first language at home, but we certainly need to work on her Bahasa Melayu, and eventually Mandarin.

"That spirit of curiosity and wanting to learn must never be killed with tuition after school. Children need a childhood, time to play, being away from screen and device, and that The Big School will strive to provide conducive environment for the child, your child, to thrive as a functional and thinking person".

So wise. So ideal. 

Of course, we are all very proud of her achievement and celebrated by paying the rest of the school fees for her January to July 2015 Reception Year. My proud mummy moment very quickly turned to praises to Allah swt for His Amanah. We, as parents, must always give our best to nurture and love the best we can.

We also met the teacher who observed The Little Girl during the entrance examination. She noted that The Little Girl is a confident person. A quick school tour put a sweet ending to the day at The Big School for us. The sincerity of the teacher we met, is heartfelt. I feel safe with her, what more The Little Girl. 

The traffic on our commute route was heavy, something we can do nothing about other than look forward to months of quality time catching up with each other in the car. I'd better get on with compiling a good mix of songs.

Those of you who prayed with me, for us, thank you from the bottom of my heart. May Allah swt bless you all abundantly and answer your prayers too.

What made your week so far? Please do share!
Sunday, 20 July 2014

Little Treasure

Ramadhan is flying by so fast this year. I was really anticipating this special month this year and now it is already in its final week. 

Part of my favourite housekeeping activity that helps keep me busy throughout the day is to spring clean my closet. I would like to think this simple exercise keeps tab of where my garment direction is headed for. 

The biggest personal defeat so far is the return of the ever practical denim pants. With two kids under 5 to carry, walk with, run after and basically rough out with, my good old denim pants keep me covered without compromise. They are not too tight, so this is a personal challenge for me for the next two years. I comfort myself by not buying skinny jeans. 

Volume skirts that are not practical for running after two kids (I still keep a few of them as I love the colours), polyester shirts that go static crazy zap zap zap at the supermarket trolleys, abayas too large that were also made from polyester instead of the rich and lovely Dubai material, a pair of hardly worn flats, short sleeved tops that no longer make the cut in a hijab-centric closet...a couple of baju kurung that were never worn before...

May the cleaning lady who finds the goodie bag be thrilled with her Sunday find. May those pieces of garment colour her life more than they ever did hanging in my closet. 

Now the upcoming challenge would be to pack compactly for our upcoming overseas trip!

Suitcase within a suitcase, vacuum pack, pack enough for only 4 days and we have access to the washer and shops. Wish me luck!

Friday, 18 July 2014

MH17 and Gaza


Wordlessly grieving.
Friday, 11 July 2014

The Half Way Point

How did we get to the half way point of Ramadhan so quickly?!

Time to up my ante and heal from the flu so as to be able to do more. Life surely is more rich than just waking up for Sahur and then looking forward to Maghrib to break fast (although admittedly when I am down with flu I look forward to a drink of water, as much as we try to fill our days with other pursuits). 

What have you/someone you know done this Ramadhan that touches your heart? Please do share!

Doctor, Not!

I decided not to see the doctor yesterday as there was no fever to accompany my flu. 

This morning, I took Telfast and Panadol, lots of fluids. I slept through and even missed my online piano class. If you are in South Yarra, Melbourne, be sure to look up my piano guru, the fabulously inspiring Miss Melysa Soo-Hoo!

On another note, The Other Half and I did the test run yesterday, a drive to The Big School as practice for next Wednesday morning. MRT construction is rife and The Other Half got paranoid after a few close brush with cranes and lorries, tight lanes and pot holes. I am praying he will stick to the lane furthest from the MRT site. I just want to say a prayer to keep all road users safe, Amin!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Dreaded Flu

Time does fly and we are now at Day 11 of the Holy Month. 

Personally, the worst time to be ill is during Ramadhan. 

Beware of my rant ahead. 

Mine started at Day 9 but I braved it. At Day 10, I lost the challenge. Day 11 is the day I have to see the doctor for some help. My body succumbed to the flu virus despite my willpower remaining strong. Body aches, headache, sore throat, runny nose. Typical symptoms of the flu. 

I took my Sahur meal yesterday despite feeling ill and by 10am my throat felt like it was on fire. Painkillers were downed alongside lots of fluids throughout the day. 

Anti-histamines, I forgot my anti-histamines! (Self-medicating, not good at all!). I wished I could just sleep but alas, we had to restock the fridge and run errands. I was determined to have a full fridge if I were going to be sick. 

This morning, The Other Half cooked his own Sahur meal as I totally did not hear the alarm clock. He said I was so out if it, even Bean did not stir when the alarm went off at 3.30 am. 

By Subuh, my throat was hurting again and some warm tea helped soothed it. Looks like it is going to be a morning at PCMC to see the doctor for some remedies. 

Then obviously I will have to cook and freeze the Sahur meals for the rest of the week (here is hoping I can fast once I get my once daily medication!). Ambitious, and in sha Allah. 

Do you have any flu remedies or tips for coping especially during Ramadhan? Please do share!
Monday, 7 July 2014

Post Sahur Thoughts

Day 9. 

Not the most fun symptoms to have when fasting, PMS that is. Backache is the most punishing so far, along with cramps. But fast I will, with His Grace and Mercy.

One day last week, I was so dizzy I broke my fast at Zuhur. That was also the day I stayed up after Sahur to catch up on ironing. One precious day, wasted. I failed in my endurance and faith test. 

Lesson learnt. 

My body needs that extra 2 hours of sleep before I power on the rest of the day coping with my active pre-schooler and toddler. 

Speaking of pre-schooler, please send her your best prayers as she will have to sit for a written assessment for entrance qualification to a school of our choice. 

She is all but 4 years old! Those chubby baby hands have morphed into a pair that can write alphabets, draw stick figures and craft, cut with scissors, style dolls, pull apart Lego bricks with such dextricity. 

I pray she will not play dumb, play possum, sing silly songs, utter demented nursery rhymes and scare day lights out of the assessors. Even if she does not pick her nose would already be a plus point. If mums of those sitting for A-Levels have a long prayer, trust me to say that I pray just as long for my 4 year old.

Big school.

Big milestone, baby! You can ace this! Amin!

Bean has been making progress too. He now cruises, pushes all our dining chairs all over the place like a walker, plays peekaboo actively with the happiest chuckle, crawls for hide and seek and does the 180 degrees turn to face forward when he is being carried. He can climb up our bed, and knows to turn leg down first when coming down only after one time of teaching him. He has been climbing up the Stokke too, to our alarm! Gotta watch him like a hawk, this one. He does things quietly, unlike his sister! 

I cannot help but feel like The Little Girl is a soaring kite, and Bean is my anchor. Such joy and cheer they bring, SubhanAllah!

Do you enjoy watching your little ones grow as you grow too? Please do share!
Friday, 4 July 2014

The New Routine

How is your fast going, my lovelies? Do you have a special routine every Ramadhan?

My day starts at 3.30 am. Rice in the cooker, make hard boiled eggs, reheat home cooked beef dish, wash and cook one type of vegetable, place dates, serve water and make a hot drink. 

Almost always the same!

After a couple of days, of course we start to vary the dishes. Like instead of chia seeds sprinkled on rice, we use sesame. 

Instead of steamed broccoli, some fresh slices of cucumbers. Today, we had steamed ladies fingers and they were the sweetest!

That is just the physical sustenance.

What is more important is our soul through solat and Ibadah. The Other Half gets priority in performing Subh prayers, as Bean is almost always awake for his feed. Nothing pleases me more than seeing him, The Other Half, have such a productive start to the day. 

I do wish so much my journey of faith will grow in the solat department, both of keeping to prayers and understanding my prayers completely (Arabic is not my first language so it is like learning a new foreign language in my case, which I truly enjoy). 

May Allah swt make way with ease. I can feel His Blessings and He truly answers prayers. 

Let's all grow together, keep going forward and increase our faith, Amin!