Sunday, 27 September 2015

School Closure, Repeatorama

Haze has officially caused our Big School and Playschool to close for the next 2 days.


Stop Go. 

We received the notices for closure while we were out for lunch with a visiting relative from London, at Cyberview Lodge & Resort. The haze drove us to lunch indoors that Sunday.

Those who face the same predicament would understand why I would not let my children out in this thick smog, allegedly a deadly concoction from corporate greed and bottom line.

Unfortunately, there is no escape (The Other Half has to work, it being month end and all) other than staying at home with some activities for my children. This has forced me to be resourceful and creative yet again. 

*going to verify some of our baking, arts and crafts ideas*

What is in your stay-at-home with children plan? Please do share!

Childhood Tastes

I spent the first 7 years of my life in Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia. A slow-paced, clean and humid place.

Every now and then, my late Thai Grandmother and Mrs. H would introduce me to new food. Some were successes, others miserable torture for us all.

I remember the following "unique" tastes:

1. Petai
Petai beans served raw. I learnt to peel them off their green bean "tangkai", peel their white skin off, and split each bean into halves to check for worms. Fine motor skills training without formal Playschool, haha! 
Girl recently saw bunches of freshly plucked Petai in Cameron Highlands and could not imagine the trouble I took to enjoy such stinky delights. Halloween food, she said. She might be right.

2. Acar Ikan
Little Penang Café serves this halal dish and I am so thankful they do it well because this taste brings me right back to Kakak Asiah's wedding circa 1982. The wedding lunch included this dish and I remember its distinct pickle of turmeric, ginger and garlic taste.

3. Durian
Oh, this is one taste and smell I do not enjoy to this day. The Other Half and both my children do not enjoy this King of Fruits either. Lucky me! I would still obligingly treat my PIL to slices of durian cheese cake from Secret Recipe, but not eat any myself. I do not mind the smooth cheesy texture, and it stops there.

4. Budu/Tempoyak/Jering/Belacan
Acquired tastes, and I have yet to develop any liking for them.

5. Tapai
How and why on earth did they serve me a dessert containing alcohol?! It was sweet. And intoxicating. I did not know about the fermentation turning alcoholic if left too long until my FIL told me about it. Which is why we do not consume this now. Better be safe than sorry. 40 days of our prayers not being accepted is  ...just not worth it.

6. Steamed Sweet Corn with Coconut Shreds
A tasty tea-time treat! All of the corn kernel is picked off its cob then steamed. Mixed with coconut shreds and a pinch of salt. Served warm. Brings me right back to my childhood house where I last ate this.

7. Nasi Pulut with Thai Mangoes
The secret is in the coconut cream dollop, and Absolute Thai nailed it! I feel like I am in my late Grandmother's embrace/dodoi sarong when I eat this treat.

8. Kari Ikan Masin
Yums! I must look up this recipe! The prawns and long beans were magical. I remember having this packed lunch with rice one Friday afternoon after we moved to Penang. The school's old hall, flame of the forest blooms that had fallen onto green grass, vast blue cloudless skies, and my tasty lunch. It was a Friday, and school started at 2.30 pm!

What are your childhood comfort foods, my lovelies? Do you have specific memories attached to particular dishes or drinks too? Please do share!
Friday, 25 September 2015

School Run

School run at home time.

With 2 kids.

On my own!

*pats self on back*

Syukur alhamdulillah it went safely and smoothly.

I have neither energy nor confidence for groceries and shopping with them without The Other Half. Maybe in 3 years' time!

Snippets: Wobbly Jellyfish and Octopus

Girl noticed that some of her new classmates have not been enjoying school as much as she herself does.

One morning, during school run, we discussed it. Yes, Girl is mature enough to discuss now! Bless.

"Can you remember the story of Wobbly Jellyfish, baby? The part where Octopus came to join the new class and Teacher chose Wobbly Jellyfish to help settle Octopus in?", I asked.

"Yes, Mummy!", came her enthusiastic reply. 

"Good, can you be Wobbly Jellyfish and I choose you to help H settle in? She can be Octopus for now?", I requested gingerly.

"Alright! I can show her where to wash her hands, hang her coat, eat her lunch and play too! I can be Wobbly Jellyfish!", she was almost ready to burst into action right away.

Off she went to school and kept a lookout for H. She promised to have a nice day too, how sweet.

I hope she kept her role/promise!
Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Spring Clean: Arts & Crafts

Best 10 minutes of my me-time last night. Muji drawers, Dymo label printer et voilà! 

We are more psyched to paint after school now that it is less hassle accessing our supplies, inter alia.

Here is what we made for autumn:

This will be complete once we add a stand behind the piece so that it can form a backdrop for the dolls' house.

Hope this spring clean bug infects you too, my lovelies!

Run, Run, Run

The recent haze forced me indoors. I would so love the foliage and fresh air when running so imagine my disgruntle within when I had to run on a treadmill. 

As soon as the haze cleared up a bit, I wished so much to be out in the park but my lungs could not handle it.

We are losing the Genting view,
floor by floor. That translates to week by week.

Only neighbours change, at least this view is more predictable.

Yes, I miss the foliage and blue skies. Not much view running indoors, on a treadmill. Better than not exercising though.

Run, run, run.
Monday, 21 September 2015

Easy Peasy Recipe: Banana Cake

Source of recipe: Just One Cookbook. 

Look it up, it is full of simple, realistic and achievable recipes. Have fun!

Snippets: M

This term, M, sits beside Girl in class. He is really happy with this arrangement and has expressed his interest to still want to marry her someday. 

Girl's reply?

"Do your work, no talking when teacher is teaching."

Just like that, he obeyed. He is no longer the distracting, noisy student in class. They work together without fights.

How sweet!

Now, I have to work on Girl's EQ and soft communication skills...
Sunday, 20 September 2015

School Gate Fashion

Which is your go-to school gate fashion item, my lovelies?

Do you wear FitFlops, or Varina? Do you don an instant scarf over an abaya, or shorts with tank? Is there a dress code at school that you have to obey?

Girl started going to The Playschool when she was 23 months and I have been improvising on my school gate fashion whenever my budget, time and online shopping opportunities permit since then. 

Work-in-progress, I am.

I started with the basic long sleeved top, jeans, FitFlops, instant bibik headscarf and a handbag. In fact, I still wear this on days when I rush or haven't had time to properly iron my outfit. It is the laziest outfit I know of. The danger is that this can quickly become the complacent uniform and spirals downhill. 

I know because I have been there. The mummy-in-jeans who can handle anything from spills to school bags to vomit to separation anxiety tears; and still be able to cook, clean and have a relationship with the husband.

The best part is when other mums do not judge because they are quite often in the same uniform performing the same duties. I guess only our Chanel Girl and Bangsar Village Grocer's woven bags are what differentiates us. Still, no judgment. At least where The Playschool is.

Then along came Bean. He loves pulling out the pins on my headscarves so Bokitta is my life-saver. I admire the brooches I collect/own, and will someday wear them, InshaAllah. 

In trying to look like I put some effort into dressing up at 6.30am, I have added some jubah and skirt with blouse options to my wardrobe but I confess the comfort of belted tailored pants with a pretty blouse and Bokitta in my haste and tropical humidity. The ever loyal pair of sunglasses hide all my other flaws so glamorously, beat that!

The eye brow pencil, face and hand sunscreen, powder and tinted lip sunblock remain my speedy buddies.

The exception to the above probably fall on official days like Concert Day or Sports Day.

Please suggest more resources and ideas for school gate fashion, my lovelies! It is high-time for a glam revamp.

Colour Pencils

Sweet memories of my Kirin 36 colour pencils in its pink cardboard printed box were evoked the day Girl had Wobblies removed. 

Caution: This is going to be a long post about colour pencils so please leave now before a voluntary write-up on stationery item induces your yawn.

Now you may proceed at your own risk.

had worked fairly hard for my final term assessment in Standard 3 Raya to secure a place in the first and "express" class of Standard 4 Mawar. 

My reward was a box of Made in Japan colour pencils I had admired and wished for. I chose the printed cardboard casing because it was cheaper than the printed stainless steel casing to ease whatever financial stress my parent must have felt at such an expensive request in 1985.

I had no clear idea of the financial crisis that year, currency exchange rate was just an item on the RTM2 English news at prime time 8 pm. But, I was considerate and willing to negotiate then even at age 9. I guess growing up with a single parent had that effect on me.

I stood at a supermarket in Butterworth that evening after dinner and carefully chose the best box of 36. I remember the sweet smell of the box and its newness to this day. 

36 new colours that were not part of my old 12, such as lilac, lavender, cerulean, peacock, vermillion, ochre, Prussia, teal and silver. Powder pink, lemon, emerald and magenta. The elation and empowerment I felt within was akin to being able to score better in my next assessment, and I did! I went on the score straight As with the armour of 36, hahaha.

The coming of age when colours are not just light green and dark green but lime, olive, forest, emerald and pine. Oh!

So, I know the feeling too well, of wanting the jumbo box that comes with all its wonderful possibilities and magic.

Girl decided to keep her Frozen trolley school bag for now but she wanted a new jumbo box of colour pencils to start the new academic year. 

This is what I got her from a bookstore near our dentist's office: 48 sticks filled with shades and hues exactly so enchantingly captivating, promising transformation of sketches into works of watercolour maestro just by the stroke of a wet brush.

Sadly, names of colours are no longer printed on each colour pencil (I hope other brands still do, but not our Faber-Castell set).

Girl, she reminds me so much of myself sometimes. We both stared at the new colour pencils for a long, long time. Silently enjoyed our moment. Sweet sigh.

Spring Clean: Wardrobe

I love the high I feel after a good spring clean. I spent 10 minutes this morning, putting away a few blouses, skirts, scarves and blouse inners that I no longer wear.

Yes, 10 minutes was all I had and I ended up donating 2 bags full of clean clothes of good wear quality. I value closet real estate and once I feel it is on the brink of bulge, I purge the items.

Yesterday, I spent 10 minutes spring cleaning our shoe cabinet and donated a few pairs of the children's outsized StrideRite and Clarks. At least now I know which pair exactly to upsize during sale.

They grow faster than they can wear those shoes, I kid you not. One brand new pair of ballerina flats Girl tried on and purchased just yesterday at Res Toe Run ended up in the donation bin today because she woke up this morning and said those lovely toes of hers have grown longer. And it is true! I tear my own hair out over this RM139 overnight growth spurt.

(Her Sprout on bottom right also made visible progress so I guess she is growing  overnight!)

Despite that costly incident, I love these pockets of effective and efficient 10 minutes so much. It leaves the entire flat with good, fresh, positive energy.

I have a good feeling the art and craft supplies drawers are going to be next. 

How often do you spring clean, my lovelies? Please do share!
Saturday, 19 September 2015

Watercolour: Cameron Highlands

Girl painted Cameron Highlands, as she remembers it. I wanted so much to share with her some basic skills and technique but she refused and wanted "freedom of expression".

Learn it your way, baby. As long as you learn and be happy doing that. I am a holler away when you need me. 

C'est la vie.

Snippets: Make It Pretty, Mummy

Girl requested for her salad and dinner platter to be presented in a special style - pretty. I rate myself 7/10. 

Scratch that. I bestow myself with 5/10. The mushroom/seaweed/tofu soup is a mess, the sushi bread roll is not tight enough! 

Looking up online resources to improve my skills - and I am going to join her watching those MasterChef kids from Australia to learn the 1001 tricks and hacks I never knew about.

Never to old to learn, I bow my head with tomato red cheeks.
Wednesday, 16 September 2015

School Reopens?

Happy Malaysia Day, my lovelies! 

We woke up to some blue skies and white clouds today. My children celebrated the end of their "haze imprisonment sentence", by going out. 

We took a scenic route to Damansara Atria via Sungai Besi, Brickfields, Bangsar and Section 17 PJ. Our main intention was to avoid the Red Shirt Rally routes. But of course. 

It is amazing how much Brickfields has developed since my CLP days. I can hardly recognise it now but love how much improvement had spruced up our beloved Little India.

We are now waiting with bated breath for confirmation from The Big School to see if school reopens tomorrow; following the same announcement made by Education Ministry earlier this evening.

They cannot wait and are just so eager to go back to school! Luckily I did not proceed with Perth plans...

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Easy Peasy Recipe: Fig Salad

Air-fried pumpkin cubes at 160C for 18 minutes then set aside to cool. You may also use roasted pumpkin.

Assemble washed and drained wild rocket, cherry tomatoes and quartered fresh figs.

Top with cooled air-fried pumpkin.

Light drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and serve immediately. 

Bon appetit!

The Haze Escape

My body is in Kuala Lumpur but my heart and mind are thinking of the spring crisp air and blue skies in Perth. 

I can just imagine Girl and Bean running freely at King's Park, and Fremantle.

Should we pack up and go? Should we stay? What if school resumes?

For now, let me just admire these blossoms. SubhanAllah!

Photo credits Elaine Ng-Hau, a beautiful fellow mum in Perth, WA.

School Closure

The Big School is closed today onwards indefinitely until the Ministry of Education lifts the recently issued closure notice.

A few hours before the blanket notice was issued, The Big School had decided to close this Thursday and Friday and operate via e-learning mode for its secondary school students. I was not sure how to handle Girl's work so I decided to wait it out.

Fortunately, we have 2 Geography and 1 Science Learning Materials with us to work with, and I will be checking online on our Schoology for other pieces of work and resources. Turned out that only the secondary school students have to sit in class virtually!

Girl read 1 of her Geography Books eagerly because I asked,"Would you like to read the book that will help you plan a great holiday?" She loves holidays, so she soaked it all up eagerly. From directions to map reading, then mode of transport to weather with a real destination she can, InshaAllah, visit next year! 

In times like this, we are so glad The Big School has experience in conducting e-learning after previous crises. Lessons can proceed real time from home, syukur alhamdulillah!

May Allah swt bless us with wisdom and action to do what is right, remove greed and senselessness so that we may not have to face the same consequence of haze situation again and again. May the rain in His Bounty fall to wash everything clean once again. Amin.

Stay safe, my lovelies!
Monday, 14 September 2015

Discretionary Attendance

We returned to The Big School today for a new academic year. 

The Principal issued a note for parents to continue to send their children to school, or keep their children at home. We chose the latter. Better safe than sorry. 

All outdoor activities have been suspended until the air quality returns to normal. Girl was feeling sad about the lack of swimming lessons, but she understands why they were suspended. 

It got a bit tougher enforcing "indoor only" policy with Bean but since he has learnt the word "hazy" and point to the smog outside, things have been getting easier. But he forgets every once in a while and asks for "walkies" again. It broke my heart when that happened.

Face mask is sold out in some places (the shops will try to sell surgical masks to make a quick-buck), drinking lots of water is a must. We are enjoying a fruits and vegetables diet at home.

Fortunately, we have 3 units of air-ioniser/purifier and 1 unit of Rainbow on even when sleeping to maintain clean air indoors. By design, our windows and doors seal tightly, and we have no slate windows. You can tell we are used to living and putting up with the haze, right? This is so wrong. We should not have to.

How do you cope with your children indoor-bound for long periods, my lovelies? Please do share!
Saturday, 12 September 2015

Concert, Encore

It has been some time since I recorded Girl's musical journey at Yamaha. JMC Level 2 is coming to an end by celebrating a class concert with after-concert party this month end. Yay!!

The hardest part of this level for us has been the consistent absence of 2 sets of parents of 2 of her classmates since commencement. Both mothers have delegated supervision to one of the elder daughters and sometimes a maid who could not have been more disinterested in music (I do not fault the maid, I just feel the two mothers should be more accountable). Sometimes, young toddlers were brought into class and the helpless maid had to care for all 5-6 children.

What do these missing mums do?

They have been seen countless times  sipping coffee, shopping, having a manicure or pedicure etc.!

When I did politely suggest they come to class during a casual social exchange, they plainly said they were busy. 


Luckily for us, our music teacher is very passionate and understanding; which helped see the rest of us through this hardship and let the music live on. There are at least 4 other sets of parent-child who enjoy lessons as much as we do, fortunately! The support is wonderful, SubhanAllah!

The teacher had also conveyed several messages requesting the presence of these two repeat absentee mums. She tried her level best to contain her unsupervised students from too much monkey-ing around. The students seem to just continue ignoring her instructions, talking when the teacher was explaining the lessons etc. it has been quite a zoo of late especially when they tinker non-stop at the keyboard despite repeated warnings. 

I feel sorry for the teacher because all the other parents can see she is trying her best to deliver lessons without too much disruption. It must be tough to be in her shoes.

Mostly, I feel sorry for the students with absentee mums as they need all the loving guidance, care and attention; at least during lessons. 

Caution: Do not sign up for Yamaha JMC unless you have an adult who can commit to sit in the class and help your child both during class and at home. It is plain nuisance and unnecessary distraction to other classmates if you lack commitment and start slacking even with basic courtesy. Be a good fellow-classmate and neighbour. 

Think twice, be nice.
Friday, 11 September 2015

Dentist - Part 2/2

8 September 2015

During lunch, in Kuantan, I felt Girl's forehead was a bit warmer than usual so I made her drink a lot of water. I thought that the haze and other pollution had really gotten into her. 

We came back from Mars, I meant our shortest holiday ever from Cherating, Pahang on that Tuesday and Girl complained of a slight toothache at Wobblies site. 

A quick look showed red swollen gums with her adult gray-looking bottom right incisor sprouting sooner than Wobbly can fall off.

It was then Isya' and obviously too late to book an appointment with the dentist. My Mummy-mode kicked in and gave her extra cuddles to ease the discomfort. After all, everyone of us had just returned from east coast and have yet to eat dinner.

Being the lazy and tired mum who was too tired to dine-out, I cooked a simple dinner of Mac'n'Cheese, plus sliced fresh peaches as starter. The kids were then tucked into bed after dinner, shower and a few story books.

So we waited...

... and waited...

...until 10 a.m. on Wednesday, 9 September 2015 to ring up the clinic. 

Luckily for us, the dentist would be free to see her on Thursday, 10 September 2015 at 10 a.m.

10 September 2015

2 "water sprays" and 2 "cotton rubs" later...

...Wobblies have been painlessly removed in less than 15 minutes.

Girl now sports a front bottom gap with 1 Sprout (new nickname for her adult tooth). 

Syukur alhamdulillah that went well! So very proud of Girl's courage and calm demeanour at the dentist!! Awesome work, Dr. Estée Tan!!

Dentist - Part 1/2

2 September 2015

I had my dental appointment and decided to register Girl for her own dental file. Her two front bottom incisors were wobbly, she said. She named them Wobblies.

A good general inspection confirmed said Wobblies case. The lovely dentist described every single step clearly in a super calm tone so Girl remained confident throughout.

The dentist was pleased with her overall dental hygiene habits and gave her the double thumbs up.

Reward of stickers right after the inspection came as a pleasant surprise. She was doubly rewarded with a tube of mint toothpaste. She had only tried strawberry and banana organic toothpaste prior to this. Certainly made her feel all grown up.

Next follow-up/check-up was scheduled for 6 months ahead, unless her adult tooth/teeth shows up before Wobblies fall off. 

Syukur alhamdulillah her first dental check-up went smoothly!

Orientation Day

The Little Girl recently expressed her request to be named as "Girl" in this blog henceforth, as she is no longer "little" by her standards. 

This wish, I can grant. 

Today is Orientation Day at The Big School and she knows many new and younger children (or ducklings, as she fondly refers to them) are coming to join The Big School, which is why she is no longer little. 

One of them is a duckling whose father is my former colleague at NatOilCo. Respective grandfathers used to work at NatOilCo very closely together too. It is nice to have another succession of sorts (and yes, Kuala Lumpur is a small city separated by less than 6 degrees, in my experience).

There are also some elder students who have recently switched from other schools to come and join us. Hopefully the rigour will not wear them out or frighten them too soon. Like someone wise mentioned, "This is not everyone's cup of tea." 

So here goes her shout-out:

"Welcome to The Big School, ducklings!"

Girl then added cheekily, "Hope you love school!"

[It has been only 9 months ago she was the duckling, and someone else was doing the welcome shout-out!]

Secret Garden, One Utama New Wing

The haze has been in town so on the rare occasion when it was not engulfing us, we ventured out to play.

Roots of a vine plant trimmed to different shapes every time we visit, which has kept us anticipative over the years.

Beautiful lotus blooms, a fresh change from looking at merchandise and crowd at the shops down below.

InshaAllah, we will be back again for new surprises.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Easy Peasy Recipe: Scones

Inspired by our recent trip to Cameron Highlands, I dug out an old recipe and baked enough scones to share with my PIL, alhamdulillah.

I will say this out of love: High content of refined carbohydrates, sugar and fat so please consume sparingly. Alternatively, you can also find ways to burn the extra calories off. 

Bakes 24 pieces, please adjust accordingly if you need less scones per batch).

500g self-raising flour
50g sugar
1/4 tsp salt

110g butter (I used 1/2 stick of grass-fed cow butter which comes in 227g per stick)

300ml milk (I used UHT fresh milk)

1 egg for egg-wash before baking

1. Preheat oven to 190C. 

2. Mix the dry ingredients well then add butter to attain crumbly texture.

3. Add milk gradually and mix until well combined. 

4. Shape dough to 1 inch thickness then cut each scone out using a cookie cutter. Working on flour-dusted surface and cutter reduces sticking. When baking with my kids, I let them do this part because it is fun (for them). 

5. Egg-wash, bake for 10-12 minutes.

Leave on rack to cool. Stores up to 2 days in room temperature (ours is usually 26 degrees Celcius).

Serve with strawberry jam and clotted cream on the side with a pot of hot tea. My kids get a mug of hot chocolate or warm milk with this treat. 

Do not forget to curl your pinkie.

Bon appetit!

Cherating, Pahang

If you are planning a trip to Cherating, Pahang in the near future, please consider the following photos taken during our recent trip before deciding. 

We had booked and paid for 5D/4N at Holiday Villa; but we were so shell-shocked that we did a 2D/1N and abandoned the holiday. The "burnt" money we consider as charity to the half-dead resort which did not manja us as promised.

Photos taken with iPhone 6 without any filters.

Idyllic east coast? Gone! We were devastated, to say the least.

Signages - broken and some were missing altogether. The Other Half said the road authorities must have presumed everyone uses Waze and Garmin. I was not delighted.

Bauxite mines, aluminium being exported to China, laterite earth and red dust everywhere. How do the residents cope with this? Seeing red, both literal and figuratively. We were utterly horrified.

That single, obstructive tree has to go too? Most FELDA and FELCRA palm oil plantations have had their trees felled for mining purposes. Soil erosion everywhere within sight. Red mud after a short rainfall. Red rivers. Reddish water flowed from taps. Red stains in bathrooms and toilets. We started to feel real empathy and sorry for dwellers in that once beautiful and idyllic coastal area.

Sigh. Politics and business aside, can Kuantan residents voice this up, again and again until constructive remedial actions are taken? Enforcement on the existing 11 mines, pretty please?

This must have killed the entire tourism industry, and whatever cottage-industry dependent on tourism. Irreversible environmental damage and impact, We felt ready to march with anti-Lynas group of protestors, at the very least.

We could not even find the familiar signage to Turtle Conservation Sanctuary, zero batik art centre was within sight, keropok lekor stalls were completely smothered in red dust. It was a heart-breaking sight. Imagine the perpetual pain and suffering of dwellers there.

Those were not holiday-makers, for sure. They drove really fast unloaded at 110kmph at 90kmph stretches too. The loaded ones kept to the speed limit, oddly enough. That is not how strict liability applies, legally.

Not all trucks were covered. Free-falling pieces of earth/ore posed real hazard to other road users.

There you have it, my lovelies. Stay away from Cherating, Pahang until the dust settles - both literally and figuratively.

I pray earnestly that all powers that be and wanna-be would just sit down and resolve this serious matter. This is beyond politics. This is about lives.

(I really wish local mainstream media had given this more highlight with consistent attention so that we could have made informed decision and did not have to suffer/experience Mars on Earth. Oh, well.)

Happy holidays, not!

Snippets: Back To School

You mean you had to wrap all your books yourself?

You mean you have to measure and cut slippery plastic sheets and cellotape them down yourself?

You mean you had to use lined brown parcel paper before plastic came along?

Wow, Mummy. Did you spend days and nights doing that?

So how come I am not allowed to use scissors without you watching me like a hawk?


Sunday, 6 September 2015

Snippets: Personal Shopper & Personal Trainer

The Little Girl is the best personal trainer I have ever had. Free of charge and always available. Like my own shadow. 

"When are you going to the gym, Mummy?"

"How many more inches of flab to lose, Mummy?"

"You used to have a stomach that flat?"

She is also the best talking/interactive mirror when we are in the changing room.

"Wow, that's a huge tummy."

"This does not look good on you. Too drab. Try that, should look much better."

I love her honesty. I do have to flatten my post-natal flab and tone up my abs. Perhaps even wear colours other than white, navy and black (my favourite trio!).

If only she will say all those comments 30 decibels softer...

I also realised that if anyone other than her verbalises those comments, I would not be as calm and collected. 

Unconditional love, much?

*back to the gym* toodles!