Thursday, 18 April 2013

Second Pregnancy: Week 30

30 weeks down, 10 more to go!

I pray The Little Bean will stay for full term and not pop too soon. I say this because my Braxton-Hicks contractions is a regular feature since 20 weeks. Although not painful per se, it can be uncomfortable.

The nightly leg cramps have not eased. In order to counter that, I have increased my daily intake of nano-calcium enriched fruit yoghurt. Combo of milk and banana work too when I am not able reload my supply of yoghurt at the grocer's. I wonder if there are that many pregnant women targeting the very same yoghurt in my area?
Light stretches before retiring for the night seems to lighten the frequency of leg cramps too. Hydrotherapy sessions are greatly missed. I wish I could attend more, but not with my current situation of not having anyone watch The Little Girl while I am in the heated I'd just have to make do.
Emotionally, I have been a tad sensitive/fragile lately.
Not responding well to nosy comments, unreasonable requests from people around me and harsh tone of voice. Maybe it is my hormones, maybe I am just exploding instead of imploding. So often I will catch myself holding back my tears. Or blame myself so being so fragile and easily bullied.

One recent comment about it being "better for me to breastfeed directly and to pump less" came from a mother of three who was herself "half-assed" about breastfeeding. She had admitted to giving up night feeds to succumb to sleepiness and substituting with formula etc.
Instead of letting it pass knowing that I will try my very best to do what I can, the statement provoked me. What made it worse was instead of retorting on the spot, partly due to respect for the elder person, I festered for days.
Until I could fester no more.

I then rang up a dear friend to just "explode" with "verbal vomit". Thankfully, I have very understanding punching bag to rely on. You know who you are, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for listening without judgment!
Now that the matter has blown over, I guess I made a mountain out of a molehill.
There were many other instances when I found myself losing my cool but I try to keep a cool head on my shoulders. You know the usual triggers, people in public lifts who squeeze themselves into an overcrowded lift and bump their bottoms into a pregnant bump? *rolls eyes*

On a positive note: Quite glad to "see" The Little Bean at the monthly check-up today - 18 April 2013. Big nose, cherubic cheeks, both salient features of The Other Half. Photocopy of The Little Girl when she was a newborn.

The Little Girl came along for the appointment and was only too happy to provide running commentary of what she saw on the screen. The Little Bean must have realised that The Little Girl was around as there were a lot of face shots compared to before.

Heartbeat was 143 counts per minute. All the other measurements are slightly on the small side, causing me to launch into worry-wart mode, praying incessantly that The Little Bean will be gestating for full term and not be born too small or too early.

Oh my sweet darling, if you only know how much we all love you since finding out that you are growing within me...may Allah protect and nourish you always.

Measurements taken by Dr. Seri Suniza Sufian on 18.04.2013:

BPD: 7.72 cm (was 6.54 cm)

Head circumference: 27.63 cm (was 24.01 cm)

Abdominal circumference: 25.07 cm (was 21.55 cm)

Femur length: 5.49 cm (was 4.89 cm)

Estimated fetal weight: 1.385 kg (was 906 g)


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