Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Numbers Do Not Lie

RM11,650.00 is the current average gross salary in my industry, says JobStreet.

Compared to our monthly budget, we are still "overspending", as we are currently on the average of RM15,000.00 per month in running the household of 2 adults and 2 kids. As The Other Half puts it, we have to remain healthy and cook our own meals as much as possible. We have no ASTRO subscription, no club membership to pay for, no helper, and take minimal local holidays on our own expense.

In crude summary, I cannot even make ends meet if I were to return to work full time and be the sole bread winner in this family, with my current expected salary compared with the industry average. Ouch! The only way is to continue to work from home with higher expected salary?

Kuala Lumpur is indeed an expensive city to live in. How do we cope? How prepared are we in the face of 6% GST coming into force April next year?

So much to pray for.

Please share with me your tips and ideas on how to cope with the rising cost of living, inflation and GST. Thank you.


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