Thursday, 26 June 2014

Ramadhan Mubarak!

The years I have missed fasting and their valid reasons:

1. 2009 - pregnancy with threatened miscarriage;

2. 2010 - fully breastfeeding a sususaurus;

3. 2011 - breastfeeding a sususaurus who despite eating solids, latched on day and night every 2 hours;

3. 2012 - same as 2011;

4. 2013 - confinement, lochia after Bean.

That brings the total of missed fasting days to 4 x 30 days = 120 days.

I have replaced 4 of those days in the last few days. I have paid my zakat fidyah for those 4 years but my heart really wants to fast so here we are. 

116 days to replace, in sha Allah. 

May this Ramadhan be one full of blessings and may our Ibadah be accepted by Allah swt. Amin!

Point to note: Bean is also a sususaurus and seems to want to latch on more during the 4 days that I was fasting. I take this a test of my faith and syukur alhamdulillah managed to keep the fast.

The choice of food and drinks, in my humble opinion, are important when fasting when breastfeeding. Some carbohydrates, protein, vegetables and never forget the Kalahari Medjool dates. Air zam zam is best and failing that Evian is quite good too. I have just discovered the Yusuf Taiyoob dates, so juicy and filling! I tend to consume a substantial Sahur meal to power me throughout the day; followed by light Iftar meal (cold sandwiches, salads, fruits, dates and lots of water). 

Please do share your coping strategies, supplications and Ramadhan purpose, if you have.

Incidentally, this just came in:

All's good save for Durian and Shark Soup in my case. Enjoy! 


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