Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Princess Diana Memorial Playground

The Little Girl had a blast! The five minute shower came and went, good old British weather as promised. 

Bean had a jolly good time too, playing within the limits of his mobility and skill set.

All in all, a wonderful spot in Kensington Gardens for little ones.

Point to note:
Security is excellent, evidently so as the guard bounced a man armed with iPhone camera without a child of his own. *insert roaring applaud here, we are all parents united against pedophiles stalking children, capturing their images and trading those images online*

The Other Half was so impressed with this single highlight he donated quite generously toward the upkeep of the park. Donation collection box is close to the exit/entrance near the open air cafe.

Coming up next: Legoland at Windsor, so sleep I must!!


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