Sunday, 29 May 2016

Ramadhan Preparation

Faith-wise, I feel like I am not 100% ready to face Ramadhan just yet. Some conscious effort has to be put in place, for my own good. 

I am not referring to frozen beef rendang cooked in advance although yes, that should also be part of preparation I should be making for The Other Half. I am going to try eating clean food for sahur and monitor if this will help reduce my bloatiness and carbohydrate-induced fatigue.

The only worldly preparation so far is storing up of some organic medjool dates, so you catch my drift by now especially if you were a Muslimah as unprepared as I am!

I am freeing up my work diary to get myself in gear. Faith wise, I may not be able to khatam al-Quran English translation at my beginner's pace so I had better start early. Girl also asked for new short Surah to memorise, bless her too!

My ex-colleague so graciously reminded me so when she postponed our lunch to replace her missed fast. SubhanAllah, His Signs. I feel so thankful for His Hidayah through various people and means. 

Are you ready; or are you also taking a step back to brace yourself for, InshaAllah, blessed Ramadhan? 

Ramadhan Kareem, my lovelies.


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