Sunday, 17 July 2016

Final Term Exams

How is your weekend going, my lovelies?

Girl is sitting for her final term examinations tomorrow onwards and we have not done as much revision as we did previous term. I blame myself for not being 100% dedicated this time because of the emotional turmoil on the home front. All I can do now is make the best out of today and pray for the best!

We were given the exam dates and topics before Eid and the entire Eid week was spent at The House. Both Girl and Bean had a good time running up and down staircases, raced on their toy trikes, chased each other in the garden and indulged in the cookies and ice-cream that only The Grandmother would give them (eating of those sweets
made them sick!). Relatives visited and before you know it the school break was over with hardly any work done.

Her Mandarin paper results were encouraging despite my not helping her much with revision because we are blessed with one of the most patient and sweet Mandarin teachers at The Big School who makes lessons and revision all quite fun. We adore this young lady very much! What would I do without her? 


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