Monday, 8 October 2012

Ages Ago

Here is an entry made in 2006 from my previous blog at Multiply. It sums up what I don't miss about working in an office.

"Office politics at my work place is pretty negative these days. I came back from my much needed holidays only to find that things have escalated during my absence to an uncontrollable level.

From managers yelling at other managers with swear words to having to formally calling a meeting for all managers just to thrash things out...hostility at work has never been at this scale and drama. Not even in my practice days. Inconceivable!

There are positive office politics and there are negative politics. The stakes are high no matter which way it falls.

Usually in positive office politics, people fight to get better cases, better perks, better pay and better relationship. Anything *better*. However, in the past 2 weeks, all I have seen in negative office politics includes and not limited to bickering, fighting, backstabbing, witch hunting and simply everything *evil*.

As a bystander, I know certain parties are looking to buy my vote. If I take sides, I am bad. If I remain neutral, I am even worse than bad.

I've had enough, now let's just all go back to work. Please? Some of us have deadlines..."

Alhamdullillah this phase is over for me!


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