Monday, 12 November 2012

Second Pregnancy: Fatigue

I am so exhausted in this second pregnancy and I am not hesitating to ask for help.

The Grandparents have been roped in. One afternoon while I was nursing The Little Girl and trying to put her down for a nap, I was struck by exhaustion and panic mode. I sent The Grandparents a text message, a SOS message. An "I-need-babysitter-pronto" message.

They are ever so kind and understanding, for which I am eternally thankful and grateful.

You see, this is the one week break at play school. The Little Girl has been going to a play school on weekdays from 9 am till noon, which gives me some shut eye time in the morning with The Little Bean instead of catching up with housework and cooking. On weekends, we sort of rough it out when The Other Half has to work.

Not this week! She is home 24/7 and I just cannot cope.

Yes, I am lame.

But wait!

Thank God for The Grandparents! I send The Little Girl to their flat upstairs after breakfast at about 9 am and I only see her at lunch for a bit at noon. I sleep as much as I can, whenever I am not sick at the sink while she is playing and spending quality time with The Grandparents! From noon till dinner time, I repeat the sleep or sick cycle, as The Little Girl resumes her fun day out with The Grandparents or something cool like that.

As much as I miss The Little Girl, I console myself that I must take care of myself too.
*Insert Mummy guilt aplenty here*

We then all have dinner together, after which we come home downstairs for her evening bath, change of pajamas, settle into story time and cuddle (breastfeeding!) before calling it a night.

Truth: I do not do much but I am so tired from nausea and vomit!

Truth: I miss The Little Girl very much, although I know she is in very good hands.

So there, it is working out for a couple of days. Then The Other Half will be off work and take over the challenge of keeping The Little Girl clean, fed, entertained, learning and happy. Plus tackle the laundry and ironing - no easy feat.

Does she miss me in return? You bet!


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