Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Second Pregnancy: Two Blue Lines II

Well, not exactly blue in the photo above, but if you keep reading, you will find the vague blue lines eventually.

How did it all start?

Eidulfitr. In Yorkshire, England.

Almost every person we met at the family gathering to open house asked if were expecting another sibling for The Little Girl soon (do they realise the cost of decent education these days?).

Then the bug caught on.

Relatives in Malaysia also started asking when we celebrated Syawal month for family gathering.

My MIL started asking and hinting the same until one fine day, she gave up and resigned to the fact that we were seriously considering the single child policy.

However, Allah certainly has a way of softening our hearts and removing obstacles.

One night after The Little Girl had gone to bed, The Other Half and I were performing our solat isya at home, with The Other Half as imam. At the end of the solat, we each said our supplications.

I was so moved that night. I prayed for Allah to send us His blessings and gift when He thinks we are ready to serve Him in raising one more child. A sibling for The Little Girl. So that they may have each other to lean on, in learning to love and worship Him.

The Other Half saw me crying after the supplications but did not ask for details, as I am usually in tears if given time to unload all my burden, hopes and fears.

So we left it at that and watched DVDs together in our attempt of home movie night.

Eiduladha arrived, our zakat were paid, sacrifices were offered and we celebrated with a little Thai lunch feast at The Curve.

The next day, we woke up on 27 October 2012 with unprecedented excitement. I do not know why, but we were all brimming with happiness and positive vibes after a very good sleep the night before.

So off I leapt, to the bathroom, for my morning habit when one of the home pregnancy test kits were ripped off its packaging.

One minute later, I called out to The Other Half.

"Yes, darling?" was his response. Standard response. Cool, calm, collected.

So different from a few minutes later.

We were celebrating, laughing, jumping on the bed, thrilled, silly, crazy, giddy after I said, "We are pregnant!"

The Little Girl was there too, so we explained how she is going to be an elder sister. She immediately responded," I want (a) mei mei, Mummy!" to which we had to further explain that maybe, possibly, it may turn out to be di di. The Little Girl was alright with the explanation and went back to being happy. She had on earlier occasions requested for a mei mei to play with her dolls house etc.

As insurance, I took another test, which also turned out to be positive, much to our joy.

After that, we went about getting ready for a day out. All that was planned for the day was for The Other Half to take us out for lunch with his best friend, Uncle Tan, whom we have not met for some time.

While we were at Suria KLCC for breakfast, I bought a few more home pregnancy test kits, including a digital one with estimation of weeks since conception.


We then left Suria KLCC for lunch was at Bangsar Village II. I politely excused myself to use the ladies, but really my motive was to take the test with digital display just to be triple sure. The numbers 2-3 weeks showed up on the screen and I was thrilled once more.
We did not share this news with anyone for a few more days and basked in secret happiness.
Dreams of how The Little Girl is now going to be a loving and caring elder sister.
Dreams of how The Other Half is going to be a father of two.
Reality of how I am going to be a mother of two, tandem breastfeeding, and trying to cope with it all without a live-in-maid. Despite that somewhat "harsh" reality, deep inside me, at the bottom of my heart, I felt very blessed.

Oh, syukur alhamdulillah! The timing could not have been better. His timing is perfect, as always.
All we pray for right now is a safe pregnancy with safe delivery and recovery, healthy and perfectly formed baby who will grow up to be Allah fearing, and all possible obstacles to be removed by His will.



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