Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Confinement Recipe: Young Papaya with Free-range/organic Chicken Soup

The ingredients are quite simple in this famous "increase breastmilk supply" recipe. Sure works for me, and I hope it does for you too!
For boiling, then simmer for about 40 minutes:
400g chicken on the bones, cut to serving size
200g young papaya, cubed without skin and seeds, blanche with hot water if sappy
1 inch smashed ginger without skin (omit if baby has jaundice)
About 1 litre of water, sufficient to cover ingredients
For garnishing:
1 tablespoon sesame oil to stir into soup before serving
dash of pepper
20g soaked, drained and softened goji berries to be added into soup before serving
Serve hot with meal.
This is one soup I do not mind drinking with chicken, papaya and goji berries through it.
Young papaya is commonly used in one of my favourite Thai salads but during confinement, I get to enjoy it as part of soup! Organically grown young papaya can be obtained from your good organic green grocer.
Free-range organic chicken is preferred for making soup as boiling "farm-raised-antibiotics laden-commercial-force-fed-to mature-within-x-number of days" chicken is a no-no within the Chinese community. Confinement period is a period of resting, healing and nourishing both mother and child. Lesser "contaminants", the better!
Dried goji berries/wolfberries are available from chinese medical halls. I buy large ones without sulphur dioxide to store in the freezer. Soaking them in cool boiled water after rinsing brings them to a nice soft texture and when added to soup just before serving prevents the berries from turning the soup brown/red hue whilst preserving its sweet taste.
Bon appetit!


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