Saturday, 12 January 2013

Second Pregnancy: Week 16

The Grandparents thought we had introduced the concept of a younger sibling to The Little Girl a bit too soon, as 40 weeks is a long time for a nearly 3 year old to wait. However, we took a chance and shared this pregnancy with her since we found out so that she can be involved as much as possible in this beautiful journey.
Whenever we buy new clothing for The Little Bean, we explain to The Little Girl that the particular outfit is for her younger sibling and that she had worn something similar when she was a wee baby. When she sees her old photo album, she can recognise and call out onesie, with further comment that she has outgrown them.
Furthermore, The Little Girl was proud to come along and choose nursery furniture with us too. We went to pick up the IKEA Gulliver cot with mattress a week ago, changing tables and MacLaren Quest 2012 stroller. Whilst she was happy to let the furniture go to storage until assembly time in a few more weeks, she was quite insistent on riding the stroller first! We happily let her, so as to avoid any resentment/jealousy to fester.
A noteworthy development would be her not crying at the doctor's office. I had explained to her that it was to be a particular Dr Paul Tay at PCMC, and that the nurse would call me away for a few minutes to record my weight and blood pressure, and that I would be at the ladies for a few minutes for an urine test before we wait together at the reception area to see the doctor in his office. She nodded her understanding, and added commentary of how similar it is to what she has observed on Disney's DocMcStuffins. Good girl!
So the day of the litmus test arrived on 11 January 2013. We took The Little Girl with us to our ob-gyn appointment for the first time. The process as explained to her came to pass, so she was quite content in knowing what to expect. Coupled with new apps downloaded from Marketplace into her Lumia 800, the waiting seemed short.
Finally my name was called and into the doctor's office we went. I asked her to say hello, and she gave a small hello wave with wee smile before settling down on a patient's chair with Daddy. While I updated the kind doctor about my itchy skin and feverish body, The Little Girl snacked on a packet of Bellamy's Apple and Banana Snack! She certainly felt right at home there.

After the consultation/prescription discussion was done with, we brought her for the "highlight" of her accompaniment.
The ultrasound scan!
Meeting her sibling!
Oh, boy!
What a treat!
She was thrilled to "meet" her sibling via the ultrasound scan, had an ongoing cheerful conversation with The Other Half while Dr. Paul Tay conducted the scan/inspection/measurements. The Little Girl saw The Little Bean's head, limbs, spine and buttocks! She now looks forward to the next check-up at Week 20. With a detailed scan coming up, The Other Half and I are equally excited too.
As of 11 January 2013, The Little Bean clocked in an estimate of 160 grams with head circumference of 10.6 cm.

Syukur alhamdulillah, we have so much to be thankful for and look forward to.


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