Thursday, 29 May 2014

Basic Questions

I am full of shortcomings that need to be made good.

I must learn to put a stop to reading and commenting on "controversial" issues.

It pains me to see others divide fellow ummah using various issues, letting each small nothing spin into an important something.

Honestly, my Ustazah is so patient with me. I must have talked her ears off during our one on one sessions, loaded with questions, admission of my failings and shortcomings; and often asking her for guidance.

Her standard reply to help guide me be an independent Muslimah is simple: as follows:

1. Is this source from the al-Quran? Ignore if it is being misquoted, misinterpreted and being abused. 

2. Is this source from Hadith sahih? Ignore of it is being misquoted, misinterpreted and being abused. 

3. Which mazhab is this from? Keep to only one, or else I may be lost and misguided. 

Note to self: Totally need to work on myself before anything or anyone else.

Mode: back to silent/thinking self for more self-reflection and inward growth. 


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