Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Road To Recovery: Reinfected Root Canal Part II

10 December 2015

The second appointment to remove the temporary fillings and have the permanent fillings put in place, at the Endodontist's clinic.

After 4 LA injections, we could not proceed because my jaw muscles ached too much. It was so painful that tears rolled down by themselves. It was not an area where LA can be injected into, alas.

That, was my loser moment. My entire left gums, cheeks and side of tongue felt numb but my jaw muscles still ached. Ouch!

Dr. Jac Lam was fast to identify exactly which muscles ached and shared tips on how I can relax them before my next treatment. He thought I was too tensed and stressed out, which was true!

Simple steps:

1. Warm towel massage, after shower.

2. Go out for coffee with a good friend, without the children and husband (unfortunately for me this was not possible given the long school holiday).

3. Go window-shopping, online shopping or year end sale shopping (How honest!)

4. Rest and relax. Watch a movie, read a book, do something I like. I, being the operative word here. I. 

5. Get myself a new mouthguard for sleeping so I can lessen the muscle fatigue from grinding and clenching.

The very understanding and generous Endodontist did not charge me the "failed" appointment. So I went home that day, with a lot of numbness and a new appointment to see my general dentist. Prayed so hard the reinfection will not recur in the meantime, between appointments.

I tried doing some of the relaxation steps diligently. 
How did the appointment with my general dentist go? Stay tuned!


  1. Those relaxation methods really do have a positive impact on your pain. I tried them before I went in for a root canal. The whole week I think I made matters worse by worrying about them. The day I finally got in the chair, the dentist numbed my mouth and got working. 30 minutes layer the job was one and I was pain free.

  2. I definitely think that people, in general, are too rushed and stressed these days. I read that you didn't have time to go out for coffee with your family and friends. I don't think that's such a big issue, as I enjoy a cup of coffee while on the phone with loved ones or they come to my home.

    Sharon Woods @ Fall Spark Dentistry