Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Road To Recovery: Reinfected Root Canal Part III

My appointment with my general dentist on 22 December 2015 was free too.


We discussed my teeth and jaw structure; how the mouthguard placed at my lower jaw in its near perfect U-row would be more comfortable when I am sleeping.

Versus placing the mouthguard on my top row, which now sports a front left incisor moved out of its normal placing in the last 6 years. The mouthguard will not be in perfect U-shape and as long as my front incisor keeps moving, the mouthguard will be an uncomfortable fit.

Pesky, right? One incisor which has given me horrible photo angle every time the camera clicks. Vain pot. I know! 

That may seem like a minor situation to most people but it has changed my bite and chew. If you look closely, it has altered my resting lips. 

So, we could not proceed to get the new mouthguard for my lower row of teeth. because it is where the root canal work is on-going.

Back to square one.

Free appointment. No charge for chit-chat. Sigh.

The root cause? 

I did not find out until 29 December 2015. 

I had gone to see my Endodontist for a new, might I add - brave, attempt at root canal permanent filling.

This time, my muscles were quite relaxed and we managed the 1 hour procedure without much drama. 

The X-Ray comparison showed no more infection or abcess, good healing overall with improved bone density.

Dr. Jac Lam also told me this: 
My tongue thrust. It has been resting just fractionally forward. pushed my front top row of teeth outward, resulting in an open bite.

It is the culprit to my grinding and clenching at night! *gasp* my lower row of teeth are trying to match the top and so they auto-correct. *gasp* 

The advice?

1. Braces. Top row only.

2. Permanent retainer, behind top row only.

3. Learn to park my tongue properly before sleeping *LOL*

4. Go and hire myself a good orthodontist. 

Free consultation, on this part, alhamdulillah! My appointment for review with Endodontist before crown replacement is in 6 months. 


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