Monday, 19 September 2016

Carefree versus Career

Honestly, I miss my carefree days of working only on selected projects, not worrying about bills, concerned only with what to cook for dinner and if my children achieved their milestones.

Or hanging out with fellow mums from The Playschool and The Big School during brunch and home time.

Or making sure I do not miss the Mothercare sale.
You get the drift.

Those were the good old days, just not too long ago.

The harsh reality, if you ask me, comeback career comes with sacrifices.

My children are getting used to me working from home. They are used to seeing the home office door shut. When they peep in for a cuddle, they see my somewhat stressed out face with my ears glued to the phone and eyes on some documents. They sacrifice a lot too. It breaks my heart, truly.

I worry about bills although I am not the one paying for them currently. What if I have to someday and I cannot afford to?

I worry about escalating cost of property although we have no mortgage on where we live now. How are my children going to ever afford buying a place of their own without my help?

I worry about my own retirement because EPF is not going to be sufficient with double whammy of rate of inflation and Ringgit Malaysia depreciation. Who is going to pay for my cost of living when I am old and infirm?

All the more I am thankful for building up my legal portfolio now. I am grateful for more and more clients just base on referral after delivery of quality and timely projects.

As bland as it comes, I am also thankful for the minimal wages I have been keeping for 5 years. It is not a lot but it matters. The "extra" money has been useful on more than one occasion in helping ourselves and a few others with their difficult challenges (I have been so diligent with not buying handbags because every single time I feel the urge to purchase, I make the effort to donate instead - this is not wise either because Chanel is good investment!)

I guess I am thankful for all that I have now. Syukur alhamdulillah for this wake-up call.


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