Saturday, 3 September 2016

Post Qualifying Experience

How often have you applied to jobs with x number of years in PQE and realised you have been working for a long time in your chosen profession?

I recently updated my LinkedIn account and it dawned on me that I have 14 years PQE. Instead of feeling old and rusty for career-break of 7 years to raise this young family, I felt (strangely) empowered and experienced - ready to take on clients and their matters.

"God works in mysterious ways." this cannot be more true.

21-23 August are special dates to me because those dates were when I first met my like-minded and warm bodied mentor in 1998, soon after my graduation from law school. It has been 18 years and the mentoring is still there.

"Why do you want to complete your CLP and pupillage?", my mentor had asked when I was failing at my CLP due to the mess it was before the major clean up in 2001.

"I do not want wake up at 40 and regret not doing my CLP and getting called to the Bar." I was in my 20s, super-confident and super-resilient then.

Well, my lovelies. I am now 40.

And guess what?

I am so thankful the sacrifices of resitting my CLP until I passed in 2001 (discovered that system failed me and many other candidates due to corruption and mismanagement) AND quitting my corporate job in oil and gas for one year to read in chambers as a pupil so that I could be called to the Bar are worth it. So very worth it.

I am now 40, satisfied that I made those decisions and had the right mentor who came into my life to support those decisions.


P/S: Yes, I am back in practice now. So grateful.


  1. Alhamdulillah, sis. May Allah bless you always

    1. Dear Silent Reader,

      Thank you and may Allah bless you abundantly too.