Monday, 31 October 2016

Clone Me

Every night, during bedtime ritual for Girl and Bean, I wish I can clone myself and be present in two places at the same time.

Bean wants me to shower him, place him into the bath tub for 10 minutes (we turn on the timer, so we know precisely when 10 minutes is up), lift him up, rinse and dry him before letting him choose his pyjamas for the night. He calls it "poh-jar-mous", in his cutest voice ever.

Concurrent to this lovely scene:

On nights when Girl wants me to accompany her to brush her teeth, wash up for the night, tuck her in after her prayers and cuddles (which happens almost every night, but of course!) - on nights when The Other Half can and will help but vehemently refused by Girl...

She cries. Loudly. In her bedroom.

Bean cries too. Loudly. In the bath tub.


Clone me. Quickly.

How do you avoid such time clashes in your nightly routine? Do you stagger bed times? I have tried and still these two cheeky rascals will somehow time it such that I wish I can be cloned.



  1. Salam

    I have 5 kids, I am a very routine mom.

    Dinner time then shower for which ever child who had finished the dinner first and I too started giving baby bath in bath time. Get baby ready and help the other that needs help.

    All jumped in my bed for bed time story and dua. Off they go to their beds and cot. Light off.

    By 7pm the house is quiet and I have my ME time!


    1. Salam UmmAyubb,

      Wow! Something for me to consider...are your children co-sleeping with you?

      Bravo with being routine and having all 5 on clockwork *respect*

  2. My kids eat together and shower together. That's the only way I can do 2in1. I sit in the middle during dinner and feed them (or when they're good, they feed themselves). But yeah.. bath time, it is together and sleeping time, also together. I'm in the middle. By 8.30pm the house is quiet. Hubs helps too. Sometimes with feeding or Mandi.

    1. Dilemma: Girl has been sleeping in her own room for 2 years now and Bean is transitioning to his own room this year end...

      Mandi together was something we had to do when in Ireland last summer. I wore a swim suit to survive that LOL