Monday, 20 February 2017

New Root Canal

If you are a close follower of Dr. Mercola, you will be smacking my bottom to find out that I have just gotten my second root canal treatment today.

I know.

I am ashamed of myself too.

What can I say? It hurt too much and it is my no. 16 where bridge is not the best option for now. I also don't want to lose a tooth via extraction as it can and will possibly cause further problems with bite and alignment to have gap. No. 17 is under observation as it has a deep filling done at the same time as No. 16.

Dr Jac Lam worked fast, and the procedure went without a hitch this time. Deep fillings he put in September 2014 were removed, and before I got too anxious from the root canal treatment, it was time to bid goodbye and settle the bill. How wonderful!

Say what you like but the pain I have been in the last one week is finally much reduced, I can finally eat some soft food and swallow my drinks without a straw. I also discovered a cool new way to consume all my favourite cashew, pistachio, pine, brazil, walnut and hazel - blend them with cold pressed coconut oil and add a dash of sea salt! Tastes decadently rich like butter too, spreads so well on toasts and plain cream crackers.

Next up: Non-invasive braces, provided all the other teeth are not going to act up. This is not even about vanity but to correct my post-pregnancies bite and alignment irregularities. Of course, I wish for the return of my nice smile and resting lips. Which specialist shall I go to? Do you have anyone to recommend?

Self-care is not selfish *repeating that positive affirmation to myself*


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    1. I wish I can! The neighbour 2 molars are acting up and I have to juice all my greens!! Grrrr, cow problems.