Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Belated Greetings


I have been busy, really!


Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Year of the Snake it seems. Do you know that I have snake phobia? That is how much I avoid "ulala celebrations". Thanks to ASTRO for making snakes look like croissants, I now look at French breakfast delights minus the carbo-lust.

I will not be using any free entries to any reptile farms either.

By the way, I stopped reading and believing in zodiac and horoscopes many years ago when I learnt about self-fulfilling prophesies/started taking The Holy Bible a bit more seriously. I was semi-obsessed with the horoscope, zodiac and feng shui theories in my teens and had many books for reference.

 All of these books were recycled when I was baptised as a Christian. Further, my practice of not believing in those "new age" stuffs was confirmed when I discovered the Al-Quran. I now regard feng shui like architectural concepts for comfortable and safe living (especially with kids around) instead of placing objects for luck and wealth.

Yes, I was so jahil. I hope Allah forgives my past and accepts my repentence.

Islam does not prohibit the celebrations of new year itself. It is encouraged for families to still gather for reunion dinner (just consume halal food and drinks). Ang pow, if given or accepted, is best regarded as an act of charity/sedekah. It is better to give than to receive *aren't you pleased to hear this?*

The intention/niat is very important. By all means, get together as a family and celebrate being together in harmony. Not more than that.

Things we did this year to introduce The Little Girl to Chinese New Year:

1. Fed her quite a lot of mandarins and tangerines.

2. Gave her an ang pow.

3. Hosted a reunion lunch at home and invited a close friend over.

4. Attended a celebration lunch with close family friends, complete with halal yee sang salad.

5. Dress her in a qibao on first day of Chinese New Year.

6. Participate in play school Chinese New Year open house.

So, again, Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Happy Valentine's Day to those celebrating it.

(JAKIM issued a fatwa that it is haram for Muslims to celebrate this event. I love how true it is in Islam that every day is a celebration of love! Before you jump to conclusions, Read source here.)

With that, I will end this post by wishing you love every day *big smile*


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