Saturday, 23 February 2013

From Kate Middleton Style to Short Bob

If you are looking for an independent review dry shampoo during confinement period, go away now. I tried it and it is just not for me.

My hair is all glorious during pregnancy but once I deliver, my hair drops. Another common hormonal pregnancy experience, you'd say.
Some Asians believe that washing hair is taboo during confinement, but not I (see why I chased you away in the very first paragraph?)
I wash my hair daily, otherwise I feel greasy and not able to sleep well.
(I can imagine the disapproving look/daggers some confinement ladies shoot my way).
Confession: During confinement, I tend to wash my hair once daily, towel dry and quickly blow dry to have that clean scalp/better mood to care for newborn mood...
Which is why...
under my head scarf and hijab...
is my short bob!
Oh, I love how fast shampooing, conditioning, rinsing, towelling, blow drying and combing really is with a short bob.
More time to cuddle the newborn and handle The Little Girl, what's not to love about it? *big smile*
Great plus: Hair drop looks less scary when hair is short, easier to pick up with fibre dry mop, and hair stays away from baby's burp!
Not a secret that hair grows again, and I just adore the sense of adventure in anticipating a new hair-do when it all grows back!


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