Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Second Pregnancy: Week 17

I met my "intended" ob-gyn for this second pregnancy for the first time at 17 weeks into gestation. When I first rang the clinic of Dr. Seri Suniza Sufian in November 2012, her nurse gave me this "long date" to which I replied,"Thank you. Insya Allah I will still be pregnant by then."

I then prayed hard I would still be, by His Grace!

As you may already know, an ER incident brought me to see Dr. Paul Tay first...and we (The Other Half and I) were upfront about him being our "second choice" to which he agreed and replied cheerfully that it is fine etc. Professionally, he took good care of us until it was time for us to see Dr. Seri Suniza Sufian. We are ever so grateful for such a kind and understanding doctor! May God bless him ever so abundantly.

Back to Dr. Seri.

17 January 2013.

She gave me a "Mum's book" to record details of the first birth and this second pregnancy. She then agreed with Dr. Paul Tay's supplements prescribed for my pregnancy (Pramilet and Neurogain PB Vegicaps). We then had a chit chat discussion over birth plan, family planning etc.

I was pleased to find out that she is pro natural birth, has no objections to epidural if the mother so chooses, practices episiotomy on a need-to-control-too-much-tearing basis, resorts to assisted birth by vacuum and forseps only where necessary and avoids C-sec unless baby is in distress.

She then noticed that I had a chesty cough possibly with phlegm. She was concerned if it is "bronchial" and "troublesome if it gets out of control". So yes, I had been coughing pretty incessantly at that point and she referred me to Dr. Fauzi, a respiratory specialist. The coughing also left me with weaker pelvic muscles, so the other referral was for me to attend ante-natal physiotherapy sessions with Neng to strengthen my round ligament and pelvic muscles.

After what seemed like "forever" in consultation time, we were "treated" to a scan. The Little Bean had grown and fits the average 17 week fetus size with normal heartbeat, weighing an approximate 183g. We saw the black and white, cute, round measurements and Dr. Seri confirmed the sex of The Little Bean for us!

She then switched it to a 4D scan. For the first time, we saw The Little Bean's features - and The Little Bean was busy sucking on left thumb! *awww*

So the visit ended on a high note.

I have been busy since then.

I have seen Dr. Fauzi twice and *yay!* cured from bronchitis. Pulmicort and Bricanyl turbuhalers with 5 days worth of medication were my best friends for about a week. During the follow-up appointment, I was asked to continue Pulmicort and Bricanyl turbuhalers and topped up with antibiotics as the sputum had changed from clear to yellowish. Yikes! Obediently finished my antibiotics, night coughs subsided, everyone slept better.

I am now looking forward to the next check-up with Dr. Seri, and a full scan with Dr. Tan.
Measurements taken by Dr. Seri Suniza Sufian on 17.01.2013:
BPD: 3.64 cm
Head circumference: 13.03 cm
Abdominal circumference: 10.92 cm
Femur length: 2.52 cm 


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