Tuesday, 19 November 2013


I have been to the ER and back. 

Summary: profuse bleeding from right nostril caused by broken skin and capillaries.

History: have tried all self-help first aid methods since 2010, but these methods have stopped working lately.

Provocators: heat, elevation, dry air, cold air, sometimes spontaneous without any provocation.

Treatment previously suggested by Dr. Ling Chie Kai: Cauterise.

Overnight hospital stay: None, at my insistence.

Here is what happened last Sunday on my way to lunch with family...

... it was a bloody mess, literally!

Well, the bleeding got out of control. I looked like I had been in an accident. Or worse, abused. 

After being stabilised at ER, I negotiated to be discharged after being stabilised. The blood test ruled out cancer, which itself was great comfort.

Clotting eventually happened so I was allowed home preconditionally. The condition was to return to ER if the bleeding persisted.

On Monday, I went for a follow-up consultation which turned out to be a fast and furious local painkiller and laser cauterise session. I did pack hospital bag, just in case.

Well, Dr. Yeo Sek Wee had done a very good job and the best part was his understanding of my situation as a breastfeeding mother. The antibiotics were Augmentin from the hospital with some antibiotic ointment.

I was told to take from my own supply of Panadol at home, if there is any pain. I didn't have to!

The experienced doctor was brief, concise, armed with confident hands, willingly and wittily joined in to say bismillah before the procedure. His friendly and polite bedside manners match the rave reviews I have read.

I do have a follow up appointment early next month so I will have to add the "Speedy recovery & take it easy" note to self until then.

Life goes on. Without the inconvenient and worrisome nose bleeds. 



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