Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Post Natal Hair Loss

Hair, hair, hair everywhere but on my head!

Just kidding, I still have some hair left under my headscarf. However, clogged bath drainer signs that a big cat lives here !

Enter Kao Magic Dry Mop and its refillable fibre insert. Like magic, I can pick up hair and dust in a jiffy. Note: This is not an advertorial. I am just a happy consumer. I started in 1998 for pet cat hair and just never quit since. Good for all dry surfaces, I love how it satiates my cleaning mojo!

As for the clogged bath drainer, long bamboo satay sticks and disposable gloves both are indispensable arsenal to have.

Looks like I have new hair growth and hairstyle to look forward to *staying positive*.

How do you deal with your post natal hair loss? Do you get it at all? 


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