Friday, 8 November 2013

Open (Floor) Plan

The Flat we live in is an open plan design and over the last few days that we have been at The House, we realised that an open plan design has really saved us some precious time.

Opposedly, The House is compartmentalised. Each room has its own air conditioner, locked doors and some even come with baby gates to prevent The Little Girl from getting herself into real danger (stairs, steps, stored hardware, golf clubs and 1001 other hazards to a pre-schooler). 

Even the garden around The House has blind spots and when The Little Girl rides on her bicycle with trainer wheels, I have to hover over her and not be able to do much else. Cobras and squirrels aplenty - really scary for city folks like us. Then there is the baby snatcher to worry about, sigh! I don't feel safe even in a gated and guarded neighbourhood.
So the story goes. Without fail, every time we need to carry out a task, we need to leave a room and head toward another, opening and closing doors, turning on and off air-conditioner, locking and unlocking baby get the idea how tiring it can get because I get tired merely from describing it.

End results: tired parents and grandparents, one distracted pre-schooler and an annoyed baby.

Best get back to my little haven where one eye can see all. I could just stand at the dry kitchen island preparing food, watch The Little Girl play, supervise the rolling Bean and converse with The Other Half. Efficient super mummy mode, I would like to encourage myself! *syiok sendiri*

Oh, home sweet home!

Do you find such similar experience in your homes? Which floor plan do you prefer, and why?


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