Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Can you believe it, we have not subscribed to ASTRO for about 18 months now. 

Every now and then, The Little Girl and Bean will watch Channel 613 at The Flat Upstairs or The House with The Grandparents. During our holidays, they would sometimes catch a Disney movie on the hotel TV. What we do not like is how they can be glued to the TV and have no interest in playing, eating or communicating!

What we do have, are some DVDs from Disney productions and other independent producers. At least with these DVDs, we can set the limit as to how much they watch in a day, and still have time with interest for reading or playing.

Of late, I asked The Other Half if we should reconnect our ASTRO service. Whenever this request was presented, he would ask me to sleep over it. Bless him.

I would then pray for Signs of we should or otherwise. Miraculously, He always sends me the same answer.


Via lectures or khutbah, via opinions and studies. Detriments of screen time to our soul, the garbage that is being produced of late to perpetuate ideologies, and sadly we become subscribers to dogma that is incongruent with Islamic values.

"Be mindful of what we feed our soul."

Since the answer is consistently against screen time, I will gladly accept living without ASTRO at home. What we have is Wifi and with that, we are more selective in filtering what we feed our souls, inshaAllah.

Now, I just have to refresh those activities list of what the kids can do and enjoy while I prepare dinner. After all, that is the only crucial hour I seem to need something on the screen to prevent them from running laps around the sofa and dining table (read: noisy, crazy happy, top speed, potential falls). On the upside, they work up an appetite!

How do you keep your kids busy at dinner preparation time? Please do share!
An update: We have since then reconnected ASTRO "limited" service out of sheer desperation of not being able to take the kids out to the park or pool during hot, fasting days. Our bad. Wish us luck, ok?


  1. Salam Hampshire Mummy,

    Laith would be watching Oggy & The Cockroaches when I'm in the kitchen but after reading this post I feel like I need to find some other activities for him. Thanks :)

    1. Waalaikumsalam Puan L,

      I did find a very comforting Surah in Al-Baqarah:108-109 of how we can protect ourselves from negative influences; but by all means do find Laith an alternative as you deem appropriate *big smile* like rinsing vegetables for you/other fun sous chef activities.

      Stay blessed! Xoxoxo

    2. P/S: Surah Al-Baqarah 108-110. Please excuse my shortcoming.