Saturday, 4 July 2015

Ramadhan Challenge

Assalamualaikum my lovelies,

Do you set for yourselves any Ramadhan challenge(s)?

Some of us strive to complete proper fast, perform all 5 calls to solat, move towards hijab, khatam al-Quran for example. One at a time, a few per year or all at once - the choice is entirely personal.

The Other Half and I were chatting about how when a person is busy living positively/doing good deeds, the same person may have less time for dwelling in negativity/doing bad deeds. Simple virtue, SubhanAllah! Thank You for this revelation.

My personal challenge this year is to memorise some short Surah(s), which means reading al-Quran transliteration, translation comparison, summarising my understanding and listening to some concise tafseer via Nouman Ali Khan podcasts. So far, alhamdulillah. Baby steps and I am toddling along with The Little Girl in tow. She really motivates me to be a better mother, alhamdulillah

It would be a real bonus for me to completely master my "solo solat" meaning praying on my own without The Other Half as my imam. Those who follow my reversion journey as a young Muslimah will know by now that I am constantly pursuing kushyuk in my solat. It is a discipline of mind, body and soul, to me. This pursuit of my inner peace and  happiness also involves more or less the same learning process as mentioned. Please feel free to drop me tips on how to master solo solat, I would be eternally grateful!

Here is wishing you and I all the best in each of our Hijrah pursuits. Allah swt is so Merciful, He Grants Ease to those who put in effort in wanting to be closer to Him. May obstacles melt away and The Straight Path be clear to us.