Saturday, 21 November 2015

Snippets: Ambition

During Maal Hijrah, Girl had to go to The Big School to participate in World Education Games (World Mathematics, Science and Literacy Day). While waiting for her to complete her turn, Mrs. L and I had a chat in the classroom.

Mrs. L teaches Girl History subject at The Big School and in one of their class discussion about life phases and timelines, each of the 16 students were asked about their respective ambitions.

Some said run-of-the-mill "lawyer", "doctor" and/or "engineer" whilst others mentioned whatever profession their parents are honing them for, in preparation of inheriting their respective business empires. "CEO", "CFO" and "COO" were also rolling off the tongues of these young guns!

When it came to Girl's turn, she said one word which rendered Mrs. L speechless, because it is her first time hearing such an earnest ambition never before heard at such a competitive school. 

Girl had said, "Mother". 

Mrs. L asked if Girl wanted to change her answer, and Girl was resolute in keeping her answer.

Mrs. L then complimented her on her original idea and explained that being a mother is tough work. One has to be very talented, strong (body, mind and soul) and loving at the same time. The payment is in kind and the benefits are also in kind. A mother has to be a leader, chef, teacher, nurse, friend, driver, singer, actress, painter, tailor etc. and the students had a lot of fun discovering the many hats a mother wears!

It is heart-warming to know that Mrs. L did not shoot down Girl's ambition. I am so thankful she believes in nurturing young minds and not just plainly forcing them into pigeon holes created by society at large.

Thank you, Mrs. L. May Girl grow up to be a great mother, and more! Amin.


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