Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Snippets: Single Ingle

Girl has been trying to rhyme, increasingly more frequent now.

Sometimes, she rearranges music scores of tunes she has already learnt at Yamaha JMC and tries to fit in her own lyrics/prose. Quite often, she changes the pace (every adagio becomes staccato) or worse, the loudness (piano becomes forte with a grand crescendo).

As her mum, I can only encourage her growth (confidence!) and secretly tell myself not to dream of her becoming the next Taylor Swift just yet. Join the performing arts company at The Bog School, maybe. Baby steps.

Coming back to rhymes, "Easy peasy lemon squeezey" is the most common mantra I get from her, whenever she is asked if she can manage some simple tasks on her own, like cleaning up her toys after playtime. She had learnt the phrase from one of the cleverest girls in her reception class, C.

Well, sometimes she says something original. "Single ingle" - I admit this took me by surprise because it does not make grammatical sense, just phonetically pleasant (to us).

I would give her 5/5 for being creative and original, and hope she keeps the spirit of learning up!


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