Monday, 30 November 2015

Road To Recovery: Reinfected Root Canal Part I

(Recount of 28 November 2015)

The much-awaited appointment to see Dr. Jac Lam finally arrived. There was a countdown - yes, it was that bad!

His consult was precise and fast, which I like. I described my pain and he agreed that the old root canal was worth taking a look at, both physical check and X-Ray.

He was right. All that pain and agony were from referred pain. The top two second molars were fine. The hind bottom second molar also looked fine.

The culprit showed up on X-Ray.

An old root canal of mine, first of my second molar on the left side of my mouth (if you are dentist and are reading this, please tell me the code number, teehee) had a hairline crack to its crown.

Many people think their root canal site is dead and done for, and that crown will last forever. Well, now I know it is not entirely true. Dr. Jac Lam has seen enough patients with similar case to know that reinfection of root canal is probable (largely caused by cracked crown) - and his profession is to fix them!

Never underestimate anything tiny. That microscopic crack had unfortunately allowed some bacteria in. 

Some bacteria is more than enough to wreck havoc to me existence and happiness, obviously! It was so painful I thought I had terminal gum cancer (note to self: do not read too many health and medicine articles online when sick).

The pain, referred pain and fever that rendered me helpless was soon put to a stop. 

Dr. Jac Lam quickly explained the treatment plan and I was "fine" after 3 injections of LA, an "oil rig platform", drilling, upstream of abscess, cleaning, redo of root canal and just about RM1200.00 poorer after an hour.

He was marvelous enough to explain that healing crisis will also cause some pain and discomfort in diminishing rate. I am sorry to testify that after the LA wore off, the pain was like 8.5/10!

My next appointment for permanent filling of root canal will be in about 2 weeks. I know I am looking forward to healing this completely.

If you have ever had a reinfection of root canal with abscess, I know you understand the pain too well. The promise of Allah swt that with hardship comes ease has helped me through this ordeal. 

Take good care, my lovelies. I am on my road to recovery, so wish me luck and thank you for keeping me in your prayers


  1. assalamualaikum Hampshire Mummy,

    So sorry to hear that you are/were in pain. I really hope you will feel better soon. Will keep you in my prayers.

    Take care

    1. Wa'alaikumsalam Puan L,

      Thank you for your kind prayers, really appreciate them!