Sunday, 3 January 2016

Which Campus?

We had lunch with The Grandparents today and one of their pet subjects came up. 

That is, whether Girl will return to her original school campus or remain at the surrogate campus. 

My simple answer? 
"I have let it go. We will know when the time comes. No CCC, no insurance, no go."

Their rebuttal? 
"But the announcement to return has been made!"

I thought, inside my head, "So what if they had. Not ready means not ready."

Instead, I said, "I won't let my kid study in a construction site, around contractors."

They understood. Oh well, we will cross the bridge when the time comes. 

I know, I have been so snappy and feeling blue lately. It is also the PMS. So far, no cramps. Which is why if I had not tracked the days I would not realise my own PMS week. The only havoc is my mood. Wish we could go away on a holiday but there is an upcoming annual full medical check-up.  

Hope my mood improves soon!

An update: We went to The Gardens and we came home so much happier - and we did not even buy anything. Syukur alhamdulillah!


  1. The construction started? My exboss is one of the committee member for the project

    1. We realised we were referring to different schools,
      didn't we? LOL