Monday, 18 January 2016

New Year, New Routine

Salam my lovelies!

Since Girl has returned to The Big School at its original campus, my morning drive route is getting more pleasant without the unreasonably crazy congestion where the surrogate campus is. It is amazing how many chores, errands and meetings can be completed this week simply because of strategic location.

We usually leave home at 7.15am for drop off by 8am. Pick up is in the afternoon (37C!) 8 hours later. It is hard to imagine she is away on weekdays for that long. When CCA resumes next week, it will be an extra hour away and I am not quite sure if she is ready for it. Maybe it is a good indicator of location for house hunting?

As all things new (the campus), there are teething pains. Reckless and selfish employed drivers appear abundantly. On the bright side, the law-abiding ones outnumber the few bad sheep. 

The dust has yet to settle at The Big School; and I am waiting to get the green light to bring an air purifier to be plugged in at Girl's classroom. 

On the other hand, The Other Half and I are having a mild flu. With proper hydration and nutrition, we are confident to allow our bodies heal naturally without medication. It is true what they say after all - drink lots of water and take a good rest. 

Have a blessed and restful long weekend, my lovelies!


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