Monday, 25 January 2016

Homework Momster

Great. Just great.

We have the long Thaipusam weekend and the teachers at The Big School very kindly issued minimum level of homework since the students have only had a week of schooling. 

One of the pieces of work (Geography) is the making of a copy of make-believe passport. Girl has been unmotivated of late, not quite finding her mojo for back to school and whiny. Last night, she refused to do any work until 11 pm and kept complaining about her mitochondrial cell battery only having 4% left, much to draw the irk of both her tired and irritated parents. 

She has learned up her mitochondrial cell and how hydrogen can heal patients, she scares even me!

So. Homework. Procrastination. Original stalling methods.

This has resulted in her passport still not issued. Like a very inefficient Customs Office back in the 1980s. Remember those?

Yeah. Girl and I are not on "friendly" terms today. I told her I would like have the passport issued by tonight. Or else she will have The Other Half taking her to school and back, for one whole week. 

I know. It does sound like a threat. I do carry out those threats and she has learnt her lessons many times this way before when it comes to homework and spelling or dictation. Not the best parenting style in my books too *insert Mummy guilt here*

In the end, all she did was sign her name on the passport I helped to "produce" using resources for homeschooling children.

Girl 1: Hamsphire Mummy 0

What's new, right? Sigh.

Please do share your tips on getting your 5 year olds to complete a very simple piece of work. Thank you!


  1. LOL! Didn't mean to laugh at you… I'm actually laughing at myself too cuz I too helped "produced" the passport! Not much input from her. Took me all morning!!

    1. She had the cheek to say it was not due yet, why rush? She has a valid point there, gosh!!