Saturday, 4 August 2012

Salam Ramadhan

Ramadhan is here again and we are so blessed to experience this special month, alhamdulillah.
This year also marks my 4th Ramadhan.
As I am breastfeeding and not fasting, this is my share of Ramadhan:
Must feed one poor person for every day that I miss the fast; and try to make it up once I can fast properly.
On a daily basis, I have been cooking and freezing beef rendang for sahur when The Little Girl is at playschool. In the morning, all that The Other Half has to do is heat it up, serve with hot rice and a generous portion of ulam (sliced cucumber or romaine lettuce). A hot cup of black coffee and some medjoo dates seal the meal.

For iftar, we have been eating at home. As the sun sets a little late in the evening in Malaysia, and The Little Girl is usually sleepy and cranky by then, I try to cook by 6 p.m., have dinner ready by 7.15 p.m. in time for Maghrib at around 7.30 p.m. The Other Half usually gets home on the dot!
We then quickly feed The Little Girl and proceed to her bedtime routine.

InsyaAllah, we pray for a smooth Ramadhan. May you have a blessed time too!


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