Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Pregnancy Distractions

I find ways to distract myself when going through an especially tough bout of nausea and vomiting, when I happen to be home. One of the ways to easily distract myself is to watch TV for an hour or so when I am not busy with The Little Girl.
During my first pregnancy, I watched and enjoyed re-watching series and programmes like The Sopranos, Prison Break, Life, Castle and Hayao Miyazaki animated movies. Well, The Little Girl turns out to be quite impatient, hot tempered, sometimes an escape artist and cute all within her special personality.
So people (including my ob-gyn) tell me not to compare pregnancies as each one is true, save for the nausea and vomiting part in my case!
This second time round, I seem to have been hit by the K-Drama fever in terms of distraction entertainment choice. I have enjoyed and still enjoy drama series such as Seoyeong, My Daughter, Ohlala Couple, Love My Love TV Novella and Big. Now I pray The Little Bean will not be melodramatic and tearful but sweet, polite and beautiful as some of the characters on screen.
How do you distract/entertain yourself during pregnancy? Do share! 


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