Sunday, 3 March 2013

Second Pregnancy: Diaper Bag

The Skip Hop Onyx Tile is on my hunt list at the moment. I love how it is single strap, easy to loop over the Maclaren stroller, has 9 easy to use fairly roomy compartments, washable and reasonably priced.

When purchasing a diaper bag, I consider factors like dirt management/laundering after using it at public diaper change stations, nursing rooms that may not come with hooks, stroller friendliness when you need both arms, lightweight construction etc.

I guess I must learnt something useful since my last pregnancy.

With The Little Girl, we first used a Nike Gym bag (single strap, washable, lightweight, large compartments) but eventually outgrew it when the ranks of solid food, toys and books joined the "cargo".

Eventually, we upgraded to an actual diaper bag from Carter that was large enough to store the works (could have included the kitchen sink if we wanted to) but the larger the bag, the more I carried. That resulted in achy shoulders, for sure!
Now, I have seen the actual Skip Hop Onyx Tile bag and LOVED it, but me being me, I refused to purchase it there and then because the shop assistant was "not the least interested in selling anything that day".

However, I can just imagine going places with this design and oh, the places we could go with it! Fashionably at that!

A mother of two sure can dream, yes?

Which is your favourite diaper bag?
Would you purchase anything from an unfriendly shop assistant?


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