Thursday, 13 June 2013

Second Pregnancy: Week 38 Check-Up

12 June 2013 appointment finally came and I remain pregnant.
Seems like Bean loves Hotel Mama (very much?).
The Little Girl stayed with her Grandma after play school to afford me some shut eye before the appointment. We left The Apartment at 4 p.m. for the 4.45 p.m. appointment via "the back route" going past our previous flat, park and neighbourhood lanes that are now congested due to over-development and over-crowding. What was once a quiet avenue is now potholed narrow streets full of cars and construction sites to house tall glass and steel office buildings and condominiums. How unsightly.
The car park at the hospital was not too full at that hour and we were glad to find a spot quite near the lift -  my pregnant body now appreciates shorter and cooler walks.
So up we went to Level 6, got my blood pressure, weight (I am 63.5 kg!) and urine sample taken. Then the short wait. The Other Half was sent to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaves at Level 1 for a cup of decaf mocha and came back just in time when my name was called.
Dr. Seri Suniza Sufian is such a cheerful doctor I feel like all my complaints of waddling like a penquin, nose bleeds from relaxin hormones in my body, increased pelvic pressure, increased bowel pressure etc. are all thrown out of the window the second we exchange our salam.
How not to when she acts out how a penquin waddles? Too cute, too real!
I am of the opinion that she does know her profession really well being a woman herself and has been pregnant 4 times previously with her own offsprings. First hand experience.
We discussed the pre-admission letter this time. I told her that after touring the junior suite and single room, I prefer the single room. My reasons are simple - I love the big glass windows that lets in a lot of view of KLCC and sunlight (just like home from a different side of the KLCC park!). The junior suite is bigger and comfortable but I cannot imagine holing up in there without sunlight and good view. I am spoilt that way.
We also informed her that just in case Bean has jaundice and needs UV sunbathing bunk, I will prefer to room in at the hospital to save time and energy on breastfeeding directly from across the hall/pumping if need be/cut down on travelling back and forth/lacking the privacy if I do not have a room. All practical reasons. All lessons learnt from the early days with The Little Girl.
Finally, a pre-admission letter was issued. Phew! Now that letter must remain in my daily handbag until the time comes when I need it.
We also rehearsed the flow once I go into labour. Call ER, inform them that I am coming, go to ER, ask for wheelchair and labour room, give them the pre-admission letter, get on with CTG, enema, vaginal exams, prostin 3mg and the midwives will call Dr. Seri once we mean business.
With all that concluded, we got to the treat of the week - the ultrasound scan.
Amniotic fluid index is relatively high, Bean is still facing sunny side up (occiput posterior - longer and painful back labour to be expected) and head is not engaged. The kind doctor advised me to sleep on my left side more now to encourage the turning. Spinning the baby methods may help too.
After the fundamental scans and measurements were taken, Dr. Seri switched it to 4D.
Bean smiled at us! We are so blessed to have his sweet smile captured. Syukur Alhamdulillah!
That concluded our visit on a high note, don't you think?
Measurements taken by Dr. Seri Suniza Sufian on 12.06.2013:
BPD: 8.94 cm (was 8.75 cm)
Head circumference: 32.15 cm (was 30.07 cm)
Abdominal circumference: 31.64 cm (was 31.73 cm) - Bean slimmed down?
Femur length: 7.48 cm (was 6.98 cm)
Estimated fetal weight: 2.93 kg (was 2.66 kg)


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