Monday, 23 September 2013

Ziplock & The Diaper Bag

I have been a Ziplock mummy since 2010 when The Little Girl was born. I still am, for Bean.

Clean diapers to last us a trip out for the day, a set or two of clean clothes for each kid and diaper cream usually go into transparent, water tight Ziplock bags. Helps to keep dirt/dust and spills out until we need them. 

Sophie The Giraffe goes into her own Ziplock too, she is just special that way because anything that goes into Bean's drooling mouth better has some form of hygiene control! Well, Ziplock helps to lock in the drool after Bean has had a go at her. I wouldn't like my entire diaper bag smelling like drool...

I also use a zippered swim bag to keep small items like comb, thermometer, tissue packets, hand sanitiser, safety scissors, nail file and toilet seat liners handy. 

I usually have a separate swim bag that has the hospital record book too. Modular wise, I can add the one with hospital record book on trips to the paed, and put it away into the drawer at home when we are done with it to keep until the next paed appointment.

Weight of my diaper bag counts a lot to me. The lighter, the better! 5 to 6 kg tops.  Bulk of the weight comes from wet wipes. When the bag is light I double check that I have not run out of wet wipes! More about this later.

My diaper bag comes with padded changing liner that is washable but I only ever use that on top of hospital liners as all changing tables in public areas contain bacteria and virus that I cannot even pronounce. 

After use, we usually dispose of the hospital liners. These hospital liners are great for change on the go, absorbs spills and accidents really well. Obviously they befit the sole purpose they were invented.

As a mother of two, I carry a box of wipes. Forget the small packets of 10s! They tend to run out on me when Bean does a major mess!

Fashion wise, I don't only carry the one and only diaper bag the way I used to. I find organising things into its own Ziplock or swim bag helps a lot when I pack my bag for the day. I include or omit what I pack especially if The Little Girl is away at play school and won't be coming along. That way, I carry less weight on my already aching shoulders.

My own stuffs are simple. Wallet, iPhone, house keys in its own pouch to prevent scratching other stuffs especially the wallet, car access card and a small vanity bag. 

The Little Girl tends to ask me to bring the iPad along if the trip is long, can you imagine how much extra weight that adds? But I digress...

To contain our mess, we also use recycle able scented nappy liners in small size which we buy from Sainsbury's. Really useful in packing up soiled diapers etc before chucking the lot into dustbins. That way, if the dustbin liner breaks, you won't find our mess bursting out to create the second pile of shit, literally.

Better end this before you feel disgusted by my post. This is intended to be a helpful guide to new mothers and fathers who are trying to figure out the best way to organise their diaper bags, especially for that first ever day out with baby!

Reminder: always service your diaper bag. Refill and replenish whatever is exhausted, recycle what you can and dispose of your garbage responsibly.

Have a fun day out!

Care to share what goes into your Ziplock and diaper bags?


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